The residents of Humble, Texas will be helped by the bankruptcy attorney at Busby & Associates if their house is in foreclosure. The law firm of Busby & Associates can help bring the mortgage current by negotiating the reinstatement with the mortgage company. We can help set up a forbearance plan by providing a negotiated amount with a negotiated abatement period.Humble Bankruptcy Lawyer at Busby & Associates help Humble residents in foreclosure by negotiating short term repayment plans.

Humble Divorce Attorney & Divorce Lawyer

The residents of Humble, Texas will be helped by the divorce lawyer at Busby & Associates if their spouse has filed for divorce. The firm of Busby & Associates has a branch office located at 4522 FM 1960 Rd West Houston, Texas 77069 to better serve residents of Humble, Texas. Our firm regularly practices in family law court generally on a daily basis. The firm can assist you when it comes time to dissolve the marital relationship. When two people have been through so much together, sometimes the dissolution is personal. If it is a fight, we will stand by your side to present the facts to the court with the expectation that you will get justice from this event. If you and are spouse can divorce as “friends”, and the co-parenting has been agreed upon, then our firm can easily switch hats from fighter to assist you with any and all compromises to move your case to a quick resolution.