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There are some industries that individuals hope to never deal with in their lifetime or to have as little contact as possible. This includes dentists, lawyers and bill collectors but each of these group fills a vital purpose based on their abilities and may be necessary to consult with when you get into a bind. Debt collection firms are available to help companies get back the money that is owed to them because the individual is having trouble paying the outstanding amount. Specialized attorneys are able to provide assistance with questions and concerns as well as providing guidelines when citizens are not sure that they are being treated fairly by these organizations.

Texas has very specific debt collection laws as do most states but the general public is not typically aware of them which the collectors use to their advantage. They may call excessively, use harsh language or threats, harass friends and family members or even try to get the debt satisfied by a third party. If you have any concerns or doubts then you need to immediately contact a lawyer that understands these laws and explain your situation so they can give you solid legal advice.

As per Texas debt collection laws, these firms cannot threaten or harass any debtor and should only contact you during reasonable hours. They have the ability to make contact in multiple formats but must cease if you enter into bankruptcy or if you send them a letter stating that you no longer want to be contacted. This does not make the debt go away but can eliminate the stressful letters and calls that your household receives but you will still need to find a way to handle the outstanding account.

Every lawyer’s goal as per Texas debt collection laws is to provide their client with the best representation and legal advice that they can within their area of expertise. If you need assistance with bankruptcy or debt relief solutions then contact an attorney that is familiar with Texas statutes and regulations and has a record of success in getting clients exactly where they need to be. This is better done sooner rather than later to help get you back to a stable financial situation.


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