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Alimony is now also commonly known as “spousal maintenance”. While it has traditionally been paid by the husband to the wife, that is not always the case any longer. You will get spousal support. Truth: Alimony or spousal maintenance isn’t just for women anymore and is an issue to be negotiated in every divorce. Whether you receive or must pay alimony or spousal maintenance will be determined by the court and by whether or not one party seeks a “maintenance order” against the other. When you or your spouse asks the court to order that support be provided, be prepared to handle the following types of questions: Does the spouse seeking alimony have property or assets sufficient to maintain themselves? What property will that spouse receive in a divorce? Can the spouse be self-sufficient without additional financial help? Can the spouse work or must he/she stay home to care for children? What is the spouse’s anticipated earning capability? How long did the marriage last? Will the spouse’s age allow him/her to be self-sufficient through employment? Once the court determines whether a spouse is eligible for maintenance or not, the next step will be to calculate the amount of support to be paid. This process encompasses a number of important considerations. If you would like to seek alimony or are concerned about your ability to afford payments to your spouse, please call our office today for a consultation.

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