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One of the major causes of marriages to fail is the ‘forbidden fruit’. If you are the type who always sees the proverbial greener grass over your neighbor’s fence, then you are courting a Houston divorce. In Texas, family values are taken very seriously. Most people that divorce always quote ‘irreconcilable differences’ as the cause for divorce. This is usually a polite way of saying ‘unforgivable adultery’. Many Houston d
A petition for divorce will start the process.  All lawyers must e-file petitions while non-lawyers can still hand file.  All cases in Harris county are confidential for 30 days.  Public access and thus online access can be made after the case has been on file for 30 days.  If you think that your spouse is not going to want the divorce, then you should serve them with the lawsuit at the time the case is filed.  Should you feel that your spou
Baby Lawyers In looking for a attorney to represent you for the dissolution of your marriage, the demographics are much like social hierarchy.  There are some lawyers who are very good with small estates, but have not dealt with the issues of a larger community property division.  The tax issues that would arise or a future benefit that should be considered now, are events that most new attor
Garnishment is the process of withholding the earnings of an individual so as to repay a debt obligation. Garnishment is a legal process, where a creditor or debt collector wins a lawsuit against you and is thus given the right to proceed with garnishment. Thus garnishment is sought by court order. In most situations the employer is required to withhold funds as a result of the garnishment court order. According to
Your Houston divorce lawyer will have already told you that divorce mediation will take care of most of the nasty things in a divorce process. It finds solutions and amicable ways of settling divorce issues such as children custody, property division, visitation schedule and spousal maintenance. It is said to be the best route to follow in cases of contested divorces as it ultimately avoids the possibility of having the court decide these
Even if your marriage has failed, your life has to go on. This calls for a logical analysis and conclusion of divorce proceedings. A Houston divorce lawyer has his work clearly cut. He will not only be your legal counselor, but he will also be responsible for reining in your emotions which if left unchecked, might ruin your chances at a relatively quiet process. There is always a vengeful feeling lurking somewhere in one’s heart. A Ho
A judge in a divorce court has seen it all. He or she has seen the drama queens, the crocodile tears, the acting, the anger and foul temper…all of it. Few things will faze a Houston family law judge. In fact, most of them get angry when you try to impress them. However, they are also humans and will clearly respect decorum and good manners. They fully know what you are going through. They however expect that as an adult, you will behave like on
If your Houston divorce lawyer has not already told you the staff that you will encounter in the divorce court, the list below can be informative. It is important to know the role of each of these people. They will be the people who will determine the path your future will take. In most courts, they are a regular feature. The Court Clerk This is the person in charge of the courts records. He takes care of the paperwork and all t
Courts are places of records. Information that is pertinent to the case is sought with vengeance. It is not enough to come up with a solid case based on circumstantial evidence. You need to prove your points of law using information that is admissible in court. The Houston law drafters therefore devised several methods you can use to obtain information from the competing party in a divorce case. Your Houston divorce lawyer should be smart
Former offenders in most states have legal remedies to help former offenders clear their criminal record, or at least minimize the harm it causes, after waiting periods are met.  Of course, no state allows all offenses and the laws vary by state.    California’s expungement law is one of the most generous to former offenders. In order for a person to be eligible fore expungement in California, they simply need to complete probation.  
If you are like most drivers, driving makes you feel free and independent. What most drivers seem to forget is that driving is a privilege. Therefore, they feel disoriented if their driver’s license gets suspended after they’ve been arrested for DUI. Every state has a law requiring the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to suspend the driver’s license of anyone operating a vehicle who: Has a blood alcohol concentration (BAC)
When it comes to DUI charges, it’s very difficult to deal with it in the court. Furthermore, it’s a long and time-consuming process. Not only it’s a complicated process, but it can also be a costly affair if you don’t hire a professional DUI Attorney to deal with the case. So, why you should look for an experienced DUI Attorney? Although there are many reasons of hiring an experienced attorney, but it’s the legal knowledge, e
Normally child protective services will ask for a drug test when another has called in and stated that you are using illegal drugs.  Sometimes it may happen after and arrest is made which may be a drug related offense. The drug test that is performed is typically a swab or urine test.  If you test positive, they will ask that you sign a safety plan that places your children with another friend or relative.  If you refuse, they will likely, but
In most cases, infidelity is considered a form of domestic abuse. An unfaithful husband, especially if he has the tendency to be aggressive, does not care who he hurts. Generally, his wife becomes as vulnerable and frail as a victim of physical abuse. A cheating husband may scoff at the idea that he is abusing his wife. After all, he only had an affair (or two) and doesn't strike her or otherwise lay a hand on her. Yet, he has diminished her s
Many who own firearms do so for the purpose of personal protection. Family and loved ones come first when it comes to a home intrusion or other situations that require self defense - and it typically only takes a split second to do what is best for those whom you care about. Unfortunately, what many gun owners don't realize is that even in the act of self protection, if an intruder or aggressor is injured - or worse - from the firing of your g
Let’s take a moment to discuss your circumstances. You have a family business or considerable assets, and want to provide for your family while protecting your assets and saving on taxes.  How do you achieve all of that in a completely legal and beneficial way? You establish a family trust. In the US, a family trust is a discretionary trust established to manage a family business or hold family assets.  A family trust provid
In my practice, I typically get men on a weekly basis who want to terminate their rights.  I get some woman who want to get the father out of the picture and ask make the same inquiry. As a Harris County Child Custody Lawyer,  in most cases, to terminate the parent-child relationship, the court must find by clear and convincing evidence that termination is in the child's best interest.  Best interest does not require proof any any unique set o
It is a fact that before few years divorce occurred rarely between couples and specifically for those who do not stand to live along with their partner anymore. In the current scenario, divorces are getting common and it is considered nearly as common as marriages itself. Nowadays, divorces have become a controversial thing and are occurred mostly to take revenge against the spouses rather than being unsatisfied with them. The divorce cases are g
At the start of this article, I would like  to say that if you are preparing for an hearing in which child support is an issue, but not who determines the primary residence of your children, then this article will not likely help you.  When you and the other parent of your children cannot agree to whom shall be the parent who will establish the residence of the child for school purposes, or you cannot agree to rights and duties, then this artic
If you have an attorney, that attorney will likely ask you questions that are as follows. If you have no attorney, sometimes the Judge will help you and ask you these questions, but the Judge is not required nor do they generally help you out.  Feel feel to print out the questions and use when you go to court. Please state your full name? You are currently married to [Name of Spouse]? Prior to filing this action