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There comes a point in almost every marriage where the married couple just can’t seem to reach reconciliation. In some cases, this period doesn’t pass at all, and the brooding unrest leads to required divorce… Divorce means the total dissolution or termination of a marital union by civil means. Divorce is not simply undertaken for
One of the ranging debates in and out of courts is how best the legislation can enshrine the legal rights of a man proved to be the blood relation of a child. A lot of lawsuits have been brought to the Houston courts to determine what should happen once a father – although not living together with the mother – can take the responsibility of raising a child he fathered. As the debates ranges on, a Houston divorce lawyer can help you mak
Your Jersey Village divorce lawyer may have forgotten to tell you how to be on your best behavior in court, or he may have told you some of the requirements, or he may have avoided to tell you altogether because he don’t want to offend your fragile sensibilities; however, the list below will more than make up for what he missed. Note that being in court, especially for a divorce, is an emotional nightmare. You need all the courage you ca
When living in a big city such as Houston, it is difficult to find adequate services that meet your personal standards. The crime rate in big cities is also higher than in small towns and legal help is a required necessity. Whether you are in legal trouble because of your own making or because of someone else, you need a specialist that is qualified in the practise of law and whom is knowledgeable as well. Houston is the largest city within th
As your Houston divorce lawyer will tell you, the law envisages an ideal situation where family forms the basic unit of the society. It has therefore made it pretty difficult to divorce, while also considering the right of a spouse to terminate his/her marriage due to a number of reasons. The law feels that the divorce’s major casualty is the children involved. It has therefore devised very intricate methods of protecting the children fr
Divorce has become a common practice in today’s modern world. That is because in our modernizing world there are so many more stress factors than in the past, technology, money and the workload of our daily jobs being the main elements. Then there are the daily stressors like children. The main problem that arises out of all these stressors is that people can’t organise or prioritise. It leads to conflict between spouses that usually end in d
Divorce is expensive, emotionally taxing and potentially destructive. It disrupts your carefully planned life, creates a wedge between you and your children, ensures you hide your head in shame whenever you meet friends who know you, and turns you into an introverted self-analyzing unhappy person. The last thing you want to do is compound this problem by going into financial ruin trying to hurt your spouse in pretext to protecting your kids. All
I frequently receive call from former, reserve, and active military with questions on family law and divorce.  How does there service effect the divorce.  Benefits are going to be determined under military entitlement programs.  Substantive property rights are determined under state law.  For child support and/or spousal support, absence a court order, the military will look to integrity and honor in that a service member should support their
A Houston divorce lawyer is very important when it comes to the division of property. Actually this bit is what makes the divorce cases a nails-biting affair. It is even worse when the spouses are relatively wealthy since this means they have a lot more property to be divided. There are three major property definitions that are important in the divorce property law in Houston. Marital Estate This is all the property owned by the
The Baytown is a city that is nestled partially within the Harris County and Chambers County on the gulf coast of Texas. All child support laws in Texas, where this city lies, are similar. With the divorce cases rising in Baytown city, it is only prudent that a Baytown divorce lawyer come up with ways to incorporate some human touch in these very messy situations. The entire legal lingo will not work in these situations. A good Baytown law
In the 21st Century women in the west have become symbols of power and equality. They take charge and it is often seen that woman even outrank men. However, a lot of women still don’t have a voice when looking to the East and we as a nation need to ensure that our political beliefs don’t regress back to these archaic notions while at the same time still respecting the religious systems found in the East. Although it is clear tha
Not all people become vengeful when their partners seek to divorce them. In fact, majority of people just want to go on with their lives and have as minimal contact with the legal practitioners as possible. A Bunker Hill Village Divorce Lawyer will therefore have minimal role, if any, in the legal proceedings of the divorce. Actually, he will be more of a paper pusher than a legal consultant. All he needs to do is ensure that all the paper
One of the factors that fuel a bitterly contested divorce is the children custody. No parent wants to relinquish the sole possession and management of the kids. A Houston divorce lawyer once said that divorces would not be such a big legal headache if all divorces exempted the minors. Since kids cannot be set apart in a divorce case, the Family Law has been very clear in Texas, and by extension the United States about what happens to the k
With the help of a South Houston divorce lawyer, it is possible to modify the provisions of the final divorce decree. Note that the operating word here is ‘modify’ and not ‘change’. The burden of ‘show cause’ lies with the applicant of the modification and his lawyer. You must show that the situation of the child and that of one or both parents has changed substantially and materially. Substantially in that it will lead to the
When we get married, we have all intentions of spending the rest of our lives with the person we say “I do” with. Unfortunately, with the great sides of life come some bad sides. As time goes by, things that happen may change your outlook as to whether or not your marriage will weather the storm.  The reality is, divorce happens, and it happens often. That being said, the first thing you can do to prepare for your divorce is to forgive yours
There are any families out there that are going through a divorce. Unfortunately, within the last couple of years the divorce rate has skyrocketed. Some people just aren't meant to be together. Sometimes marriages start out for the wrong reasons. Luckily there are lawyers available to aid in the process of separation. Houston is a huge metropolis of businesses and people who work for the law. It would not be difficult to find a Houston divo
These days, divorce attorneys are popping up everywhere. It seems like divorce is a great business now a days. Luckily there are lawyers everywhere to help people in who do not wish to be with their partner anymore. There are many couples that have gotten married in the past for the wrong reason. Whether it is on a wim in Las Vegas, an unexpected surprise baking in the oven, arranged marriages, and there are also some people that ironically ge
Harris county has many different professionals available to assist anyone in their time of need. Many of these professionals are attorneys and many specialize on divorce. There are many small towns in Harris county. Some of the residents that live there who are trying to go through the divorce process aren't sure where to get started. Many of the divorce attorneys put up advertisements everywhere that they can possible list them.  Advertising ca
There are many different options when it comes to divorce attorneys in the southeast region of Texas. Everyone knows that there are thousands of attorneys all across the nation but some of the most interesting areas to find an attorney would be in some of the towns and cities around Houston, Texas. Friendswood is a very interesting place to live let alone a business professional to assist in a legal settlement. This city lies in both Galveston
Picture this—you’ve been married for more than twenty years, with two wonderful children who have grown up to be the best that they could ever be. You have devoted all your life in taking care of your husband and your kids. Suddenly, you have found yourself in the middle of a rocky marriage. It could be due to a third party or you and your spouse simply lost the bond. Your Houston divorce lawyer strongly suggests that you file for a