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In every case that involves the custody of children, determining child support will be a point of negotiation. However, you must keep this myth in mind: Child Support will cover your expenses. Truth: Child support calculations are based on specific criteria relating to the parents' income and how many children are in the home. The court will not take into account the parents' living expenses in setting how much child support will be paid or re
It's important to understand that you cannot casually assume that all the property will divided equally between you and your spouse. We will split everything fifty fifty While it is true that property must be divided, not all property will necessarily be divided equally among you and your spouse. First of all, you may not have a right to all property. If you or your spouse owned property previous to your marriage, you or your spouse may be
The moment a person is accused of a sex crime, he is immediately ostracized by society. No one wants anything to do with him. This happens even before the person is proven guilty in the court of law. However, the U.S. Constitution ensures that all people, regardless of the crime they have committed, have legal rights and are entitled to a fair and speedy trial. That is why if you are charged with sexual assault, you should ensure that the first t
There's nothing like a divorce to make people who once were civil and kind erupt into all sorts of irrational behavior. If you are preparing for divorce, keep this myth at the forefront of your mind: My spouse will be fair and cooperative. Truth: Divorce is an emotionally agitating experience. People who are usually reasonable can often become unfair and extraordinarily uncooperative. You would be shocked to hear the lengths to which disgr
Are your marriage troubles still keeping you awake at night? Are you worried about how your life will be affected if you are divorced? Are you having thoughts that clearly indicate you are depressed? We know how you feel. Many of our clients felt like there was no way out of their situation…and that their life after a divorce would never be the same. There comes a point at which marital difficulties turn into something m
Many times in a divorce the parties own a business and the worth in the divorce case in disputed.  The court must consider the worth in the division of a closely held business. In most cases, the parties to a divorce will agree that one party will be awarded 100 percent of the business, with the right to own, operate, and receive funds from the business. The other spouse will, therefore, receive an appropriate amount of other marital property
If you feel that that were errors in the presentation of the trial and you are not satisfied with the outcome the trial in the  final divorce, you have the right to appeal the judge's decision based on what you think is an erroneous decision or mistakes made on the part of the deciding party. In Texas, winning your case in a court of appeals does not necessarily mean the outcome of your trial will be modified, but you may get a chance to bring y
Bail is a written court permission, known as bail undertaking, allowing a person who is charged with a criminal offense to be temporarily released from the prison, while they are awaiting trial or result such as a guilty plea or withdrawal of their accused charges. It also allows a person to be released from the prison in exchange of the money which the court will hold until the trials, and the proceedings are completed against the accused person
Even if it is for the best of reasons, recovering from a divorce is never an easy process. For many people, it means making difficult changes and not only re-thinking their life, but their finances as well. Once you and your ex have finished haggling over who gets what, you are left to sit down and figure out how to work with what you have. If your marriage ended because of financial troubles, as many often do, your task may be even harder as you
Part of the 2013 changes to the Texas family code limited the time a party has to appeal from the decision of an associate judge in a family law matter.  The change restored old law which gave families 3 days to appeal the ruling.  The changed to 7 days was more friendly to both attorneys and pro se litigants.  Judicial efficiency it seems was the focus of the 2013 Texas Legislative session vs. government providing its citizens access to the c
This last legislative session of the Texas congress and senate amendment to the contempt provisions for non-payment of child support.  Previously an obligor could not be found in contempt of court when they showed they were current on the day of the hearing.  Typically this means paying all of the child support arrears in the child support collection offices found in the basements of most courthouses and bringing a receipt to the hearing. Secti
I did some work for a Mexican attorney in Richmond, Texas.  He agreed to write up some information on the Zone of Silence for me. My research did not come up with much on the town.  I would speculate that "New Agers" would eventually turn this place into something like Sedona, Arizona.  What would happen if a pyramid was built near the town or in the zone?  The information is skeletal but it is a start for someone who wants to explore the reg
Divorce is one of the messiest things that a person can experience, most especially if the other party isn’t exactly cooperative with your terms. Living in Houston wouldn’t give you an exception when it comes to these situations so you have to make sure that you hire the best Houston divorce lawyer. While your trying to figure o
Most people who go through divorce usually describe the experience as painful, stressful, and costly. Unfortunately, many married couples find this inevitable and it is their only way to lead a happier life, without the woes and hurt that both parties can inflict on each other. But make no mistake because in order for you to successfully surpass this concern, you need to be emotionally and financially prepared. All states have their own set of di
Unlike in other states, Texas expects its people to work for their own living expenses. Alimony payments were formerly used as anti-welfare monies paid to the spouse so that he/she does not become dependent on the state for their living expenses. Over the years, there have been numerous proposals to change this rules but they have always been voted down. Alimony in Texas is called spousal maintenance. It is the small stipend that a high income sp
Any court in Texas will not allow the relocation of the custodial parent together with a child unless there is a very good reason to do that. After a divorce, the children are worst affected. Their parents are not talking to each other, they are getting ridiculed in school, they suddenly have to adjust to living with one parent – it is a
Most people like to call prenuptial agreements a ‘plan to fail’ in the marriage. This is because they are written in anticipation of marriage failure. The tussle for property that ensues after a marriage has failed can be avoided by signing prenuptials. However, marriage, although with a big rider called ‘love’, is a contract like
Like all forms of legal proceedings, divorce proceedings will need you to fill up several documents and sign them. It is one of the most difficult things to do. Knowing that you had a very bright future together and that you are voiding that future on a piece of paper will break anybody’s heart. But this is the law and your Houston divorce lawyer will tell as much. It has to be followed. Below are the most commonly used documents in divo
There stereotypical belief that a woman can’t do a man’s job is ever increasingly being abolished by powerful women in high positions. However, we should keep in mind that bodily women aren’t as powerful and intimidating as men. He question should thus be asked whether there are some positions that by natural order men do better than women and if being a divorce attorney is one of them… Men are physically more intimidating than women,
One of the most gracious things you can do as a human being is to take care of children. Irrespective of whether they are your kids or not; as a parent, you should care about the well-being of the little ones.  As a human being, it is not only virtuous but also mature to be mindful of where your country is headed in the future. With so ma