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Houston Bankruptcy Law Firm Announces Credit Report Repair Service

August 30, 2007

(Houston, Texas) – The Houston bankruptcy and consumer law firm of Busby & Associates is pleased to announce the launch of its new Credit Report Repair service for all consumers. The Credit Report Repair service is designed to help any consumer who has either filed bankruptcy or who has unresolved errors on his credit report clean up or repair his credit report. Among the many tactics available are working with Credit Reporting Agencies to dispute inaccurate information, forcing creditors to prove the existence of a debt or even taking action under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

“Two of the top consumer complaints each year are credit reporting and credit-related issues,” says Michael Busby, Jr., a partner with the firm of Busby & Associates. “Many people don’t know their credit report has errors until they get turned down trying to buy a house or a car. Our Credit Report Repair service can help repair and clean up their credit report so they won’t face that embarrassment again.”

Busby & Associates is one of the first law firms in the state to establish a specific Credit Report Repair service. Anyone needing help repairing or cleaning up their credit report is invited to call to set up a free consultation with one of Busby & Associates’s consumer lawyers.

Busby & Associates is a full service Houston and Harris County bankruptcy, debt negotiation, divorce, family and consumer law firm. To learn more about our firm or to schedule a consultation, please call toll free at (866) 912-9832.

Contact: Michael Busby, Jr.
Busby & Associates
6100 Corporate Drive Suite 190
Houston, Texas 77036
(713) 974-1151

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