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Austin County Bankruptcy Lawyer

Austin County Bankruptcy Lawyer

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be the solution for Austin County, Texas, residents who are facing the foreclosure process even if you have already received your 20 day eviction notice via certified or first class mail. The attorneys at Busby & Associates want to help you stay in your home and prevent it being sold at the foreclosure auctions which are held the 1st Tuesday of every month in Texas. Once you have filed and it is approved then the home owner has a 5 year period to pay back the amount in arrears which can include home association dues and property taxes that are behind as well. In the event that you are on your 2nd mortgage with no property equity from the 1st loan then you may be able to pay a minimal amount (pennies on the dollar) for this loan while it is being discharged.

Repossession of a Vehicle

Busby & Associates firm understands that residents of Matagorda County need their vehicle for work and personal reasons which is why they may recommend you file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy if you are behind on your vehicle payments to any of the dealerships listed below. The interest rate on the payment may be lowered to around 5% or you may only be required to pay the current market value of the vehicle in place of the owed amount. If the vehicle has already been repossessed then you may need an ‘emergency’ Chapter 13 filed on your behalf within the 10 day window allowed by Texas law. This ensures that you can make up the back payments while still retaining your vehicle for use.

Car dealerships in Austin County, Texas: Henson Sealy, Jones Cliff Chevrolet Inc, Rush Peterbilt Truck Center, Tegler Chevrolet, Tegler Ford Mercury.

Mobile Home Bank Notes

As a Matagorda County resident you may find yourself in a distressing situation and in danger of losing your residence in one of the locations below unless you contact a Busby & Associate attorney who can provide legal guidance. The filing of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy can help keep you right where you are and gives you the opportunity to pay the newly appraised value amount of the mobile home instead of the previously owed amount. Please note that this must be paid over a 5 year period instead of the original 15 to 30 years that you were allotted.

Mobile home parks in Galveston County, Texas: Briarwood Estates, Coushatte Recreation Ranch, Cozy Acres Mobile Park.

Credit Card Suits

If you are facing a credit card lawsuit in one of the Matagorda County Justice of the Peace Courts listed below then you need to find out if you qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy under the Chapter 11 Title Code. A Busby & Associate representative can help you find out if you qualify under the means test which looks at income range and total amount of unsecured debt which can include medical bills, credit cards and other applicable amounts. If approved then you will find yourself free and clear within about 4 months due to the discharge process and can begin cleaning up your credit report for a clean start.

Justice of the Peace Courts:

Austin County Justice of the Peace Court: Precinct 1
Austin County Justice of the Peace Court: Precinct 2
Austin County Justice of the Peace Court: Precinct 3
Austin County Justice of the Peace Court: Precinct 4

Bankruptcy Need to Know Info:

Austin County, Texas, residents will attend Bankruptcy Court at 515 Rusk, Houston, Texas 77002. The two trustees for Chapter 13 and eight trustees for Chapter 7 filings are located at the Southern District of Texas/Houston Division. Please be advised that bankruptcy is Federal Law.

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