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Houston Family Law Attorney Announces Opening of Branch Office in Katy
Houston family law attorney Michael G. Busby, Jr. announces the opening of a second branch of his law office in Katy, Texas. The new office is located at 1804 Snake River Road, Suite C Katy, Texas 77449, north of I-10 off Fry Road.-Read Full Story

Attorney Roberto A. Reyes Joins Houston Law Firm Busby & Associates, P.C.
Houston law firm announces the addition of Associate Attorney Roberto A. Reyes. Busby & Associates is a Houston and Harris County bankruptcy and family law firm.-Read Full Story

Houston Bankruptcy & Family Law Firm Busby & Associates Announce Opening of New Location
The Attorneys at Busby & Associates are pleased to announce their new more convenient location after their previous offices suffered major hurricane damage when Ike hit the Houston area early September.-Read Full Story

Houston Bankruptcy and Family Law Practice Announces Affiliation with Houston Civil Litigation, Business Law and Immigration Law Firm
In order to assist their Texas clients with all legal needs, the law firm of Busby and Associates is joining forces with the firm of Peniche and Rojas. The two Houston law practices are announcing an “of counsel” relationship with one another.-Read Full Story

C. Alexander Higginbotham To Join Busby & Associates
The Houston law firm of Busby & Associates is pleased to announce the addition of C. Alexander Higginbotham as an Associate. Prior to joining Busby & Associates, he was an attorney focusing mainly on Probate and Civil matters. -Read Full Story

Busby & Associates Dedicated to Educating Consumers on Their Rights in Debt Collection Cases
Houston-based bankruptcy and consumer law firm Busby & Associates warns consumers about an increasingly growing debt collection practice involving the purchase of "zombie" debts and aggressive attempts to collect. -Read Full Story

Bankruptcy and Debt Relief Law Firm Busby & Associates Agree to Disagree with the Financial Advise of Radio Personality Dave Ramsey and The Dave Ramsey Show
Houston-based bankruptcy and debt relief law firm Busby &; Associates cautions against taking the advice of nationally syndicated radio talk show host Dave Ramsey as absolute - underscoring the variations between each client and their situation will result in different outcomes. -Read Full Story

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Dismissed?
Houston's Busby & Associates May Be Able to Help

The people's attorney, Busby & Associates, continue their effort to empower the public through education on family and bankruptcy law, as one of Houston's leading full-service family law firms. -Read Full Story

Yes, You Can Still File For Bankruptcy
The Houston-based BANKRUPTCY AND FAMILY law firm Busby & Associates help explain a new law affecting bankruptcy rules, while assuring clients that it does not impact their rights to bankruptcy protection. -Read Full Story

Top Houston Family Law Firm Busby & Associates Continues Educational Campaign, Explains Common Law Marriage and Divorce in Texas
The legal definition of common law marriage varies from state to state and corresponding confusion swirls around it and that which defines it. -Read Full Story

Busby & Associates Announces New Adoption Initiative
Busby & Associates, a leading Houston, Texas, family law firm, recently expanded its practice to include adoption cases. -Read Full Story

Houston Divorce and Family Law Firm Busby & Associates Report Recent Changes to the Texas Family Code
According to attorneys of Busby & Associates, effective September 1, 2007 the Texas Family Code adapted a number of new changes. -Read Full Story

Credit Counselor Refuses to Issue Credit Counseling Certificate to Debtor Facing Impending Foreclosure
According to attorneys for the firm, a debtor in Harris County, Texas panicked as he stood days away from the foreclosure of his home -Read Full Story

Judge Refuses to Stay Divorce Proceedings for Serviceman, Despite Rights Under New Service Members Relief Act
Houston Family Law and Bankruptcy Firm, Busby & Associates, Questions Judges Decision, Reviews Court's Responsibility - Utilizing all to Educate Clients -Read Full Story

Leading Houston Bankruptcy and Family Law Firm Busby & Associates Addresses Vulnerabilities in Recent Bankruptcy Reform, Questions Intent
As Single Mom Cashes Out Retirement to Save Home and Goes from Victim to Accused, Busby & Associates Step Up Efforts to Educate Clients - Spotlight Flaws in Bankruptcy Legislation -Read Full Story

Busby & Associates Launches Toll-Free Divorce Hotline For Spanish Community
Busby & Associates, Attorneys & Counselors at Law, P.C., recently launched a toll-free divorce hotline to service the Houston Spanish-speaking community with family law and divorce questions. -Read Full Story

Houston Law Firm Announces Credit Report Repair Service
The Houston bankruptcy and consumer law firm of Busby & Associates is pleased to announce the launch of its new Credit Report Repair service for all consumers. -Read Full Story

Eric S. Southward Joins Busby & Associates As An Associate
The Houston bankruptcy law firm of Busby & Associates is pleased to announce the expansion of its federal consumer bankruptcy practice with the addition of Eric S. Southward as an Associate. -Read Full Story

Leading Legal Firm, Busby & Associates, Helps Clients Understand Divorce Decrees Under New Bankruptcy Law
The Bankruptcy and Family Law Attorneys Explain Importance of Wording in Divorce Decree when Seeking Spousal Support or Alimony. -Read Full Story

Houston Texas Law Firm Questions Constitutionality Of New Bankruptcy Statute
According to Busby & Associates, P.C., a Texas law firm that specializes in consumer bankruptcy the new Bankruptcy Abuse and Protection Act has some serious flaws that leave it open to constitutional challenges at the federal and state level. - Read Full Story

Houston-Based Law Firm Launches Toll-Free Consumer Hotline to Address Confusion Over New Bankruptcy Laws
The Bankruptcy Abuse and Consumer Protection Act, also known as BACPA, not only changed the bankruptcy law, it created a significant amount of confusion and misinformation among consumers, the media and even creditors. - Read Full Story

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