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Houston Texas Family Law Firm Busby & Associates Announce New Adoption Initiative

September 24, 2007

(Houston, Texas) - Busby & Associates, a leading Houston, Texas family law firm, recently expanded its practice to include adoption cases. The new initiative is being spearheaded by partners Michael G. Busby, Jr., and Ricardo Contreras.

"Adoption is a growing field of interest," states Mr. Busby. "We want to help our community expand and flourish so we decided to add adoptions to our family law repertoire." "Adoption day at the family courts is a very happy time," adds Mr. Busby. "Our firm would like to participate in making families healthier and stronger. Adopting a child is a surefire way to accomplish this."

The adoption process begins by filing a Petition for Adoption in the county where the child to be adopted resides or in the county where the petitioner resides. The child to be adopted must live in the petitioner's home for at least six months before the adoption will be approved. A pre-adoptive home study and criminal background checks of all adults with whom the child to be adopted will reside in the household must be conducted as well. The adoptive parents will receive a Social, Health, Educational, and Genetic (SHEG) History Report of the child to be adopted, which must be filed with the court before the adoption is finalized.

Busby & Associates is a full-service family law firm which works on adoptions, Attorney General and child support cases, CPS cases, contempt actions, military divorces, modifications of visitation and custody orders, motions to terminate wage orders, paternity cases, and protective/temporary restraining orders. To learn more about our firm, visit www.busby-lee.com.

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