What are the roles of Bunker Hill Village divorce lawyer in Divorces?

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Not all people become vengeful when their partners seek to divorce them. In fact, majority of people just want to go on with their lives and have as minimal contact with the legal practitioners as possible. A Bunker Hill Village Divorce Lawyer will therefore have minimal role, if any, in the legal proceedings of the divorce. Actually, he will be more of a paper pusher than a legal consultant. All he needs to do is ensure that all the paperwork is drafted properly and that it is duly signed and filed with the relevant authorities.

Uncontested divorces usually make good and rational decisions regarding the proceedings of the divorce. Among the major advantages of uncontested divorces is that parties to the proceedings will not spend a lot of money on the Bunker Hill Village divorce lawyer. This makes the divorce proceedings a relatively cheap affair. Another advantage is that the spouses will save a lot of time spent preparing for the court in their lawyers’ offices as well as the time spent in courts.

The divorce process is an emotionally and financially draining experience and as marriage partners you should avoid going to trial as much as you can. Out of court settlement is the best course of action. You do not get unnecessary publicity and you do not expose your kids to ridicule and bullying in school. Furthermore, the children will respect you more when you do not call each other names and always treat each other cordially. You can even become friends. Divorce does not mean that because you have fallen out of love you cannot become good friends. In fact, psychologists encourage civil tolerance of each other for a better upbringing of your children.

The following are the characteristics of an uncontested marriage.

Agreement to Divorce

In this case, both spouses sit down and agree that they should divorce. No partner coerces the other to get into divorce proceedings. Each partner gets into the proceedings out of their own volition.

Agreement on all Divorce Elements

In the course of the divorce proceedings, the parents must have accumulated some property as well as debts together. They should agree on how they will redistribute the debts and how they will share the wealth. Another thing they should agree on is children custody and visitation rights. It is important also to let the kids know that they are divorcing not because they hate each other but because their view of life has drifted apart to an irreconcilable level. Kids must always know that both parents love them.

Minimize Costs by Hiring one Attorney

By hiring the Bunker Hill Village divorce lawyer to handle all the paperwork jointly, the spouses will be saving a lot of money that goes to the different legal teams in contested divorces.

Duly Sign All Documentation

After all the paperwork is drafted by the lawyer, parties to uncontested divorce sign them without a lot of fuss. This ensures that the divorce is final within 60 days and saves both parties a lot of pain.

It is mature of the parties to a divorce to terminate their marriage without contesting. It is always better for the kids and their reputations. Family secrets remain intact and each of the spouses can hold their head high in public. There is no humiliation and name calling and the marriage terminates amicably.


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