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While the parties are working out issues that can be agreed upon, an/or discovering what cannot be agreed upon, either party may  ask the court to put temporary orders in place until  the divorce is finalized. Sometimes you are served the day before the hearing.  3 days notice is not always enforced when service of temporary orders is made via personal service in the original suit.   The parties may agree to the issues in the temporary orders, or they may ask the court to decide the issues.  It is in both spouse’s best interest to make reasonable arrangements by agreement.  Agreements minimize bad feelings between the parties and will reduce attorney’s fees. I understand if you could not agree on the day of the week with your ex.  Come see me, I will listen to you and help you develop a plan of action to end this relationship either as fast and as quick as possible, or I can be known to delay and stir up trouble at the courthouse.

The following issues are usually decided at a temporary orders hearing:

1. Who stays in the house?

2. Who pays what bills?

3. Temporary spousal support

4. Temporary child custody

5. Interim attorney ‘s fees

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