Understanding the Purpose of Financial Support for Minors

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Money is always a very sensitive issue especially when it becomes a discussion between two people who are dissolving their marriage and the kids are involved. Alimony and child support matters can quickly spark tempers and create friction in an already emotional and sensitive event which is why working with a Texas family law attorney can help keep the conversation civil.

Contrary to popular belief the amount awarded for child support is not arbitrary or based on a random figure that any of the parties involved decides to come up with. In fact there are very specific guidelines and laws that govern the calculation using the Texas tax code, monthly net income amounts and a percentage factor. Divorce lawyers are very familiar with this and can help clients understand these baselines whether they are the obligor (payor) or the individual receiving the payments.

There is some leeway for the judge to modify the amount based on a specific list of factors which are directly related to the child’s best interest. However, major deviation from the legal formula is usually not permitted so individuals can have a reasonable expectation of what the final figure will be. This can help with planning, understanding future finances and ensuring that the child is provided for in the right way. Modifications to the financial amount can only be requested if a significant factor changes in the other party’s income and it is wise to be prudent on when and how often you ask. Your Texas attorney can review the facts of the case and recommend a viable plan of action when you are seeking to increase child support payments.

When two people decide to get divorced it affects the entire family and the purpose of Texas child support is to ensure that the kids are taken care of by both parents instead of the responsibility just falling on one. All financial payments received under this category should be used directly for the welfare, education, medical and emotional support of the minor so that they have what they need in this difficult situation. Ensure that you have the best legal representation fighting for you and your family by hiring a qualified Texas family attorney.

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