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While parents are typically the ideal judgment makers for the best interests of the child, this can be clouded and based more on emotion than facts during a difficult and contested divorce/separation. At that time it may be necessary to consider legal options so that an objective third party such as the courts can review and make the final decision in the best interest of the child (ren). It is always in the best interest of the child (ren) that both parents work together and act civilly but it is recognized that there are a variety of situations that make this a challenge.

When you decide to pursue a legal course of action related to family law then it is best to seek out the expertise of child custody lawyers in Houston for advice and representation. These professionals have a full understanding of the system, the players involved and the legal guidelines that govern the process and the majority of the decisions.

They can answer your questions, provide guidance on the steps to follow and inform you on what the law requires and allows in established joint or sole custody.

Since every state has different laws related to child custody it is necessary to find out what is acceptable in Texas before finalizing any decision. Joint custody is almost always the desired outcome so that both parents can be involved in the child’s life in a meaningful way but circumstances and past actions may dictate that one parent has greater decision making ability than the other or supervised visitation is needed. All of these details can be worked out between the parties and their legal counsel, by a judge or from a jury depending on the route that is taken. It is important to be prepared to answer the attorney’s questions during the initial consultation so that they can give you information that is helpful and applicable.

Child custody lawyers in Houston want to help parents through this stressful and challenging situation in the best way possible. It can be a process that takes up to a year to finalize but there are other documents that provide emergency solutions when needed so be sure to ask about these if your situation warrants this type of attention.

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