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When married couples reach a point where the relationship is no longer savable, and divorce seems to be the best option, there is a lot to think about. You’re going to need to think about how to find the best divorce lawyer in Hockley or your city. You’re going to need to split assets. Most importantly however, you’re going to need to protect your children through the entire process. Our children are the future of our country, our family, they are our future!

However, at a young age, they have incredibly fragile minds and wild emotions. Because divorce is an incredibly emotional process for everyone involved, children have no choice but to go through the emotionally draining process with their parents. Every time the parents go to the divorce lawyer in Hockley or another city, there is going to be an unsettling feeling throughout the home. As assets are divided and the family is separated, the children may not be able to comprehend what is going on.

This is where you, the parents come in. First, you need to remember that no matter how angry or upset you are with your husband or wife, or how draining the divorce process is, your child is your future, not the reason for your heartache. That being said, he or she deserves a truthful explanation. Explain that mommy and daddy just can’t seem to see eye to eye and that it has nothing to do with them. Both parents love them more than anything in the world and the divorce will never change that.

Throughout the next few years, your children are going to experience a lot. One family divided into two means that they will be visiting their mommy or daddy instead of living with them. It also means that the family home might change schools might change, and your children may need to create an entirely new social life for themselves. All of these dramatic changes will impact different children differently. However, no matter how they impact your children make sure that they know that you love them and that you are there for them every step of the way.

Another thing you’re going to need to think about is custody. Will one parent have full custody of a child and the other has visitation rights? Will both parents share joint custody of their children? If so, what percentage of the time should each parent care for the children? All of these questions need to be answered and are best answered with the help of your Hockley divorce lawyer. While making these arrangements, your lawyer will tell you to keep in mind that in most cases, the best thing for the child is to have both parents around. The only case where that is not true is when one or both parents are abusive or incompetent in a way that could slow the development of the children. So, always do what is best for your children, leaving your emotions aside!


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