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When we get married, we have all intentions of spending the rest of our lives with the person we say “I do” with. Unfortunately, with the great sides of life come some bad sides. As time goes by, things that happen may change your outlook as to whether or not your marriage will weather the storm.  The reality is, divorce happens, and it happens often. That being said, the first thing you can do to prepare for your divorce is to forgive yourself and your partner. Realize that you are not alone, many relationships are in the boat with you. This will help you to clear your mind and really prepare. Now, the real preparation starts.

The next thing you should do to prepare for your Harris County divorce is to look for an attorney that is nearby who can help. You’ll be spending plenty of time with your attorney throughout the upcoming months. So, it’s important to find one that is close by and good to work with. Don’t worry, no matter where you live, you’ll be able to find an attorney. All you need to do is go to your favorite search engine and type in the following…

If you live in Houston, type in “Houston Divorce Attorney”.

If you live in Jacinto City, type in “Jacinto City Divorce Attorney”.

If you live in Jersey Village, type in “Jersey Village Divorce Attorney”.

The truth is, Harris County is huge so I can go on and on with examples here, but I think you can see a trend here. Simply type divorce attorney or divorce lawyer after the name of your city and you will find several in your local area.

The next thing that you should do to prepare for your divorce is to think of what is a fair settlement. I know, you may have all the hard feelings in the world right now. You’re angry, mad, sad, you’re just not yourself. But, you’re going to need to be civil. If not, your divorce may reach a litigation stage. All this is an attorney slug fest for the most on either side. That’s just not necessary. Take down a list of everything mutually owed and legitimately split the value of the total in half. Do the same with your debts and any other assets. Everything should be divided equally…at least in a perfect world that would happen. Each divorce is different and I’m not a lawyer, but I feel like I know what is fair. That is unless there are extenuating circumstances, like adultery.

The final tip I can give you includes thinking of your children. They are the most important and most fragile pieces of a divorce. That being said, always remembers not to fight in front of your children. In a perfect world, you and your wife or husband would sit down and explain what is happening to your children. Being honest is important here. This is going to be a rough time, and you can expect a bit of backlash. Divorces are hard on everyone, but they are the worst for children. Make sure that your children know that mommy and daddy still love them and that the divorce is just something that they need to do.

As far as the rest goes, you should consult with your Harris County divorce lawyer. Your divorce lawyer will walk you through the steps of carrying out your divorce.


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