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This page has been established to give procedural updates on the James and Veronica McGhee divorce.  The father has been searching for his son for 3 years.  He found the son and wife in Houston, Texas at the beginning of 2014.  The wife finally answered the divorce with her attorney Pam Dickson, of Aids to Victims of Domestic Abuse.  In September of 2014, a temporary orders hearing was held. During this hearing, claims of a sexual assault were made against James.  The assault being the reason she went missing for 3 years. Mother has taken the child after a visitation and then refused return or communication in 2011.  The mothers stated one week after she got possession of the child, that the child started to say and act out certain sexual behaviors.  In court documents it was revealed that mom had been sexual assaulted as a child, but also had been raised in various foster homes and thus grew up in the care of Child Protective Service.  It was further revealed that mom did not take the child for a forensic exam until 23 months had passed from the 1st outcry.  During the hearing in September of 2014  Judge allowed Harris County Child Protective Services to open a new case. There is a hearsay exception to a child statement, when sexual abuse has been alleged.  During the September hearing, Faith Stone, a licensed counselor, gave testimony that some form of sexual abuse in which a thumb was placed in the child rectum and oral sex was performed with the child.  This counselor admitted she never talked with dad, and only knew the drug history of the mom.  Mom has multiple felonies and several years of incarceration.  Mom was also diagnosed with various mental heath disorders. Faith Stone had no plan of action to substantiate the father claims of parental alienation.  The judge was disturbed by this counselor conclusions.  It was also revealed that during the 1 year Faith Stone saw the counselor, that mom and her new boyfriend were allowed to sit on all the sessions.  Mom’s had since had another child with her new boyfriend, who has been convicted in the last ten years of crimes of moral turpitude.  He has a history of fraud and theft that goes back 20 years. To add insult to injury, mom was home schooling the child in September of 2014, mom is a 10th grade drop out. Judge ordered the child enrolled in public school.  In the first 9 days of school, the child missed 5 days.    December 15, 2014, CPS made its findings and Ruled out any sexual abuse.  Mom has opposed any access to the child, opposed having a 2nd counselor appointed by the courts to conduct a 2nd counseling session with the child, without any parents being present, and has been ordered to produce requested discovery documents, for which she delayed production.  January 2015, we expect to finally get some relief from the 311th in Harris County, Texas.  Support James and his fight. He needs to hire three experts witnesses, for which the average costs will be $10,000 per expert.  One for mom’s mental health, one for an evaluation of child custody, and finally one to give testimony on the false accusations and also parental alienation.

james James McGhee fights for his son and against accusations of false abuse

James McGhee December 23rd 2014

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James McGhee
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Michael Busby Jr.

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pixel James McGhee fights for his son and against accusations of false abuse