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At the beginning of the case, you will need to prepare your pleadings such that every single cause of action is plead.  Look to see if you have a jury issue.  Jury issues include who can be primary of the child, if no children, then fault in the divorce can be a jury issue along with characterization of property.  Ask for temporary orders.  This sets up the rules of the divorce.  Also, it gets everyone to court early to discuss disputed issues.  More important it gives you an opportunity to see your attorney in action.  If your attorney falls on their face at beginning of the case, then you will know that final trial will likely not go well.  Serve discovery in the petition for divorce.  This always lets any attorney who is contemplating taking on the case, an idea of the costs up front and time that would be needed to work the case.  Serving discovery in the petition also causes the other side to have to pay more in a retainer to their attorney to defend the case. This is generally the best way to start the case.  About 4 months into the case, the work up will depend of how the other side responds to everything that I have detailed above.  If your attorney does not recommend starting the case out as I have planned above, then maybe they are not as aggressive as they should be to meet your objectives.  This is how to hire a cut throat divorce attorney in Houston, Texas.


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