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Too often you hear people talk about divorce after the fact. One day they’re talking about getting a divorce and then it seems like just months later it’s all over and done with. This perception of speed and simplicity created by some divorce situations can lead you to believe this myth.  Divorce requires little or no preparation

Truth: Divorce requires a good deal of preparation. When children or substantial assets are involved, it can become even more complicated.

While we can’t cover everything in a single email, we recommend beginning with this short list of considerations as you prepare for ending your marriage:

Prepare a complete financial picture of your holdings.

Set up a bank account separate from your spouse.

Take steps to protect your privacy and security both on- and offline.

Prepare for custody of your children.

Compile an inventory of all your personal property.

Prepare a list of key people whose support you will need during the divorce process.

Our firm’s top priority is to help you understand the laws of our state governing the divorce process, custody and division of property.

It is important to get the facts about divorce as soon as possible. The better prepared you are in every areas listed above, the better outcomes we can help you achieve.

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