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If you live in Texas and you owe child support or spousal support, you may discover that your pay is lower than it should be. Wage garnishment in Texas is legal in order to make such support payments. However, it is not legal for any other method of debt repayment. Get in touch with a lawyer right away if you think that your pay may have been docked in order for a debt collector to get their money back. Also, you may need a lawyer if debt collection agencies are threatening wage garnishment as this is illegal in Texas.

There are several reasons why your pay would see automatic deductions but debt repayment is not one of them. If the debt is owed to the federal government in the form of student loans or back taxes, the wage garnishment in Texas will be enforced. In addition, children and spouses are entitled to their support according to a court order and therefore that money can be deducted. If there is another reason why your pay has been garnished or you are getting threatening letters from creditors, consult with a Texas lawyer right away.

A lawyer who understands employment and family law will be able to talk you through the wage garnishment ordeal.

They will want to know if you have been contacted by creditors and what it was about. They will also need to know if you owe money for child support, taxes, or student loans. When you talk with a lawyer, they will help you to understand what the law says as it relates to wage garnishment. This is a delicate matter and it requires someone who knows state law and can explain it to their clients.

Sometimes life happens and debt can be overwhelming. Debt collectors start calling and making threats that they cannot back up according to the law. When money is owed to a creditor by a resident of Texas, it cannot be automatically taken out of their pay check. However, if the money owed is child support, spousal support, back taxes, or student loan debt, then a person’s wages can legally be garnished. This will all be explained during a consultation with an experienced lawyer regarding the wage garnishment in Texas.