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One of the most gracious things you can do as a human being is to take care of children. Irrespective of whether they are your kids or not; as a parent, you should care about the well-being of the little ones.  As a human being, it is not only virtuous but also mature to be mindful of where your country is headed in the future. With so many children being  born out of wedlock while others are born in unstable families, it is upon the more financially endowed families in Houston to take up the duty of ensuring that these kids are well taken care of. If you do not do it, who will? Remember the more children there are who have not gotten good education and family love, the more your neighborhood is likely to be a security nightmare. A Houston divorce lawyer usually doubles up as a Houston adoptive lawyer. If you want to adopt a child, the process is simple. All you need is to cooperate with the relevant authorities. The following are the steps that taken to adopt a child.

Pre-adoptive Home Study

This is a study conducted by an experienced social worker to determine the suitability of yourself, your home and your spouse to become adoptive parents. Remember that as the adoptive parent, you will legally have the rights of parenthood similar to those of the biological parents. You need to prove to the social worker that you are suitable. The social worker will first of all interview you and your spouse, he will then require testimonials from your friends and neighbors on your suitability to be parents, they will also require all the documents required of an American citizen, they will check your criminal history and finally they will verify your financial ability to take care of the kid.

Biological Parent’s Termination of Parental Right

The next step involves the biological parent terminating their rights as the parent. In this case, the procedure may be voluntary or forced. The circumstances that may force Children Services or a court of law to terminate your parental rights  includes drug abuse, physical violence against the child, lack of proper and safe housing unit, inability to take care of the child’s financial needs among others. Note that once the biological parent terminates the rights, they cease being responsible for the children and in this case, the children temporary become the responsibility of the government.

Final Adoption

The court may listen to the Houston divorce lawyer submissions one more time but the process is pretty over once the biological parent terminates the parental rights. The court hands over the child to the adoptive parents and from then on, they will be responsible for the well-being of the child in terms of education, housing, food, medical care and all the other things a child may need from a parent. In Houston, the law is very strict about the responsibilities of adoptive parents. Don’t be surprised if you get an impromptu visit from Children Services to check up on the progress you have made with the adopted child.


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