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Texas Wage Garnishment Law

Garnishment is the process of withholding the earnings of an individual so as to repay a debt obligation. Garnishment is a legal process, where a creditor or debt collector wins a lawsuit against you and is thus given the right to proceed with garnishment. Thus garnishment is sought by court order. In most situations the employer is required to withhold funds as a result of the garnishment court order.

According to wage garnishment, Texas the most common reasons which warrant garnishment of wages are:

Child support
IRS debt and student loans – this is a Federal Law which allow debtors to have their wages garnished
Imposing of garnishment by another state’s judgement – judgement is taken against a person while the person was living in that state and then moves to Texas.

Garnishment Threshold

There are thresholds set for garnishing one’s wages which limit the amount to be withheld. The amount withheld is taken from the individual’s disposable income. Disposable income is income left over after legally required paycheck deductions are made. Therefore, most income is ‘disposable income’ and is thus subject to garnishment.

Generally 25% of one’s disposable income can be garnished for IRS debt and student loans or the amount by which a debtor’s weekly wage exceeds 30 times the minimum wage; whichever is lesser.

In respect of child support and alimony the maximum amount of garnishment can be as high as 60%. The determination of the amount is as follows:

If the person supports another child or spouse, they can be garnished up to 50%
If the person does not support another child or spouse, they can be garnished up to 60%
If the person is behind on child support by up to 12 weeks, an additional 5% is to be garnished to cover the gap period.

Garnishment procedure

Garnishment is based on a lawsuit win or a favorable judgement giving the debtor an obligation to pay. Once this is achieved, the debt collector or creditor follows the below process:

Applies to court in writing for garnishment;

In the application the creditor states that there is a judgement for money to be paid and the debtor has not made the judgement payment. Thus garnishment is necessary to secure such payment. The creditor states also that there is a third party (the garnishee) that is believed to have money belonging or owed to the debtor (for example; wages) which could be used to satisfy the amount from the judgement;

If all facts are found to be correct (i.e. the judgement is valid, the garnishee has money owed to or belonging to the debtor) garnishment is ordered.

In the case of Federal tax debt, the debtor will receive multiple notices. The last notice will be that of a Final Notice of Intent to Levy and a 30 day Notice of Intent to Levy Wages including the right to a hearing.

In respect of child support, wage withholding orders are entered into as part of the child support order. Where there is back child support a 30 day Notice of Intent to Garnish Wages must be issued.

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DUIs And The Importance Of Getting A DUI Attorney. DUI Charges How To Deal With It

When it comes to DUI charges, it’s very difficult to deal with it in the court. Furthermore, it’s a long and time-consuming process. Not only it’s a complicated process, but it can also be a costly affair if you don’t hire a professional DUI Attorney to deal with the case.

So, why you should look for an experienced DUI Attorney? Although there are many reasons of hiring an experienced attorney, but it’s the legal knowledge, experience to deal with the different charges in the court and quick results which has led to the demand of DUI attorneys among people.


Someone rightly said, “Knowledge is Power.  One of the very first benefits of hiring a professional DUI Attorney is that they have the legal knowledge and experience to turn the case in your favour. There are many legal aspects involved with the DUI charges and it’s only a proficient attorney who can help you get out of this charges. Hiring a professional DUI attorney can help you in such a scenario. If you live in the SC area, you can check out the following DUI help site:

Have a look at the most important tasks a DUI attorney will do:

  • If all the sobriety tests were properly conducted.
  • If all the questions were answered properly.
  • If the victim has any specific medical conditions.
  • If the rights of victim were violated during the arrest.
  • Access to all the witnesses during the court procedure.
Removal Of All DUI Charges

A professional DUI attorney understands the charges better than you do. They always put their best effort to represent the victim properly so that either the charges are removed or reduced. Having the right attorney not only help you to get rid of the charges, but also save your time and additional costs which you might have to pay if the case continues.

Unfortunately, there are many countries or states where it’s not easy to remove the charges. However, a good attorney can make the task easy for you. For either personal or professional reason, you should protect all the record and make sure to hire an experienced attorney to deal with your case.

Experience Matters!

Although it may not seem like an important task, but hiring a professional DUI attorney who has the experience of dealing with such charges can definitely help you get rid of the charges.  Professional attorney have the right experience to provide you with the results which you are looking for. This is one of the major reasons of the demand of DUI attorney among people.

Along with the desired results, hiring a DUI attorney can also offer you with additional benefits as they have the experience of working with the lawyers and solicitors. Make sure to do research before hiring a professional attorney. You may also ask your friends or co-workers for referral or recommendation of a good attorney.


As always, you have to be prepared to deal with the charges. You should be prepared and confident when you walk in the court with your legal attorney.


Good luck!

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Legal Solution for Overwhelming Debt

Debt is something that can accumulate very quickly or over time depending on the given circumstances and it is very easy to get to a point where it becomes overwhelming and more than an individual can handle on their own. This can happen due to a death in the family with a change of income, sickness, loss of employment or a variety of other issues that affect the financial flow of funds. Minimum payments, interest charges, late fees and penalties will also make it difficult to keep up to date and eventually the payer will fall behind and struggle to catch back up.

Instead of dealing with this on a daily basis it is better to work with a legal professional who is familiar with the various solutions available within the state of Texas. After reviewing your situation they may recommend bankruptcy, working with a debt consolidation program or how to effectively pay off your creditors while ensuring that they are following the legal guidelines. While creditors serve a vital purpose for any business in collecting funds legally owed, they will sometimes go above and beyond the rules and this is where having the representation can help an individual know where those borders are and how to hold the firm accountable.

Debt collection laws are enacted to protect both parties such as limiting who creditors can collect from and when they are required to cease contact. Credit agencies cannot threaten any debtor with an action that they know they will not follow through on and they must respond to all challenges for verification of accuracy. Since the majority of clients are not aware of these laws in the state of Texas the attorney is able to provide the information and what can be done if the rules are violated.

Owing money to someone is a stressful situation but having the right support and understanding of options for Texas Debt Collection Laws can provide some relief so that you can start working your way out of this and back into a clear field. Go online and check out the legal options today and make sure that your attorney is someone with experience and success in this particular field.

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Child Protection Cases in Texas

Child Protective Services (CPS), which is known here as the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS), is a division within the State and local social services that plays a pivotal role in the cases of child abuse and neglect. It is created by the law and its role, responsibilities, and powers are described in the Texas Family Code, Chapter 261. A central registry in Austin maintains all the reported cases of child abuse & neglect and Texas Family Code, §261.001 provides the definitions of abuse & neglect which are used to confirm the various reports made. The DFPS is responsible for conducting the initial investigation on the reported child abuse and neglect cases. Although, it’s a central agency in ensuring child protection, however, it works in conjunction with several other parties to complete the work.

Once the report for child abuse and/or neglect is received, Child Protective Services (DFPS) will start the initial investigation and serve you with a document known as Notification for Removal that will state the reasons for removal. If there are evidences found of abuse (or neglect), the court can ask you & your family to get help to improve living conditions for the child or can put the child temporarily in the custody of the DFPS. In case the child is removed from home, the paperwork filed with the court will be served to you which will include the petition which was filed after the report was received by the DFPS. In this petition, the term respondent is used for the parents or guardian who is accused of child abuse and neglect. If you don’t understand the mentioned reasons or any other part of the petition, take legal advise from a Family Law attorney.

To understand and protect the will of the child, an attorney is appointed by the court known as attorney ad litem (AAL) who has the responsibility to represent the child’s interests. In some cases, a court can also appoint a trained volunteer known as the Court Appointed Special advocate (CASA) who meets with the different parties involved in the case and reports back to the court with his/her findings. If the judge orders mediation for your case, then a meeting involving the respondent (you), respondent’s attorney, AAL, DFPS, and DFPS’s attorney is conducted to resolve the problems in the presence of a mediator.

In general, a child abuse & neglect case goes through eight different stages namely emergency hearing, adversary hearing (also known as show cause), initial permanency planning team (PPT) meeting, status hearing, initial permanency hearing, additional PPT meetings, permanency hearing, and final hearing (i.e. trial). Consulting a Family Law attorney who has a good experience in child protection cases will help you to put a strong case during these hearings and meetings.

312 ª judicial tribunal de Houston, Texas

facebook-cover-4.27.15 312 ª judicial tribunal de Houston, Texas
312 ª judicial tribunal de Houston, Texas, El David honorable Farr del 312o districto judicial de la corte de la familia de Tejas de la corte de Harris está situado en piso 1115 de Houston Tejas 77002 del congreso el 2do del viejo edificio de la ley de la familia. Tengo diez años de ley practicante antes del 312o judicial

Districto de la corte de divorcio de Tejas del condado de Harris. Hacendado del juez y

El juez Burg estaba por muchos años en como non-confrontational mirado

y más de jueces que median que derecho y de decisión rápida

jueces. Juzgue a hacendado izquierdo el banco y fue substituido por el juez

Farr. El juez Farr por muchos años era el asociado en el 257o

Corte de divorcio del condado de Harris, Tejas. Durante la elección 2008

en el condado de Harris, los demócratas hicieron una cierta elección que sorprendía

triunfos con el entusiasmo de Obama. Esto dio lugar a un demócrata,

Juez Farr del golpeo de Hinojosa del juez en la elección general. No

ser deshecho, el juez Farr era rápido volverse en 2010 y

derrotó a demócrata para tomar detrás su lugar en el 312o.

Juzgue Burg, el asociado por años, pasado lejos y después estaba

fue substituido por el juez Shelton, para quien al asociado anterior

Juez Warne en el 311o. Juez Shelton jubilado en 2012 y

El juez Gaffney tomó su lugar. Esta corte llama su docket en

9:00 mañana. diario y es típicamente el tiempo. La corte también

permite las últimas llamadas para ésos pegadas en tráfico o estadas en conflicto

otra corte sin incidente. La corte requiere la mediación

antes de una audiencia en órdenes temporales en casos de custodia del niño y

también requiere la mediación antes de todas las audiencias finales. Juez Farr

es un coronel en el protector nacional de Tejas. Su corte es ordenada

y respetado bien. Él ha tenido ediciones logísticas en el funcionamiento el suyo

corteje debido a un accidente de coche con varios de su personal en

principio de 2012. Él tomó rápidamente medidas para guardar los casos

familias de la mudanza y de la elasticidad la corte que necesitan. Los casos son

traído típicamente al ensayo en el plazo de 8 meses en esta corte.

Las continuaciones se dan sin el comentario si están convenidas. Esta corte es

conservador considerado, pero de ninguna manera anticuado o viejo

formado. Las familias en esta corte que necesitan la relevación de la emergencia pueden

consiga generalmente una audiencia en el plazo de 6 a 8 días. Otros audiencias

tome típicamente 20-30 días a partir de la fecha de abogar por archivado

ser oído. Mi firma ha intentado sobre los casos una docena en los 312os

Corte de divorcio en los 2 años pasados. Aparezco típicamente una vez a

semana en esta corte para un cierto tipo de audiencia.

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Michael Busby Jr. es un divorcio y el abogado de derecho de familia que ejerce en el condado de Harris en Texas y en los condados que rodean el Condado de Harris. Ha sido en la práctica desde hace más de 10 años y ha tratado más de 100 casos. Está familiarizado con la política y los procedimientos de los tribunales de divorcio de Houston Texas. Nuestra oficina está abierta hasta las 8:30 pm los miércoles y los sábados de 9 am a 1 pm para gente que trabaja. Por favor llame a su derecho de familia o por cuestiones de divorcio para impugnada divorcio Houston Texas.


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