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Know the debt collection laws in Texas

The Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act provides for the protection of consumers from unfair debt collection practices. The Texas Debt Collection Act advocates for the same protection but goes a step further to regulate the manner in which debt collection is practiced within the state of Texas.

The Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Texas Debt Collection Act are two pieces of legislation that basically serve the same purpose of protecting consumers from illegal debt collection practices including harassment and abuse. Both Acts prohibit the following:

1. Calls at work, if the collector has reason to know that the employer does not permit such calls
2. Call before 8am and after 9pm, unless the collector is aware that those times are convenient to the debtor
3. Unfair ways of collecting or attempting to collect a debt
4. Any conduct to harass, abuse or oppress the debtor

While the two Acts agree on the above points the Texas law sets out guidelines for debt collection in Texas:

Any debt collection company attempting to collect debt within the state of Texas must be bonded and licensed to do so. Failure of the company to maintain active surety bond, warrants grounds for immediate ceasing of collection activities and reporting to major credit bureaus

A debt collector must validate a debt within 30 days of instruction to collect and/or a request for validation being made by the debtor.

Debt validation is in accordance with the Texas Finance Code Section 392.202; which requires the debt collector to provide the alleged debtor with specific information regarding their debt which includes but is not limited to the following:

1. Name of original creditor
2. Original date of default
3. Date the debt was transferred from the original creditor to the third party debt collector
4. The original balance
5. The current balance
6. Surety bond information

In the event the debt collector fails to validate the debt within the 30 days, the debt collector inadvertently admits that the debt is inaccurate and thus has 5 days to cease all debt collection activities and remove all credit bureau listings.

Failure to meet the 5 day deadline means the debt collector agency is in violation of Texas debt collection laws and is subject to civil and criminal penalties and are legally obligated to permanently cease collection activities and remove the listing from the person’s credit profile with national reporting bureaus.

The debt collector agency must have proof that the person they are intending to collect from is indeed the debtor in question.

A third party collection agency that violates any provision of the Texas Finance Code is liable to civil and criminal penalties which may include monetary compensation to the victim.

The debt collector company cannot at any point engage in abuse, threats, coercion, misrepresentation, fraud, harassment, unfair means, and deception to collect debt.

The debt collection company must provide proof that they have the authority to collect fees, interest or expenses above the original balance; such proof may be a signed document by the debtor.

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support child

Getting Child Support

If you live in Houston and are looking for child support it is important to get an experienced lawyer on your side right away. Without a lawyer, you may never receive the pay that is due to you and your children. On the other hand you may be paying more than what you have to pay according to the law. Whether you are the payer of child support or the recipient, you need a Houston lawyer who understands the law and will help their clients to navigate it.

If you are in the middle of a divorce and need to figure out what child support in Houston will be, it is time to get a good lawyer. Even if you are not married, you may still have to pay child support to any children that you are the biological parent to. In either case, having an experienced lawyer on your side is going to be the key to taking care of the children according to the law. Child support is money paid to benefit a child’s life. This is very important and therefore it is mandated by Texas law.

If you have children and want to protect them by either paying or receiving child support in Houston, know what you are entitled to. You will know what to expect according to the law when you consult with a lawyer who knows family law in Texas. They will go to work for their client to ensure that the children are taken care of and protected.

There are many laws and calculations that need to be figured into the child support calculator before any money can be paid or received. These could include but are not limited to stuff like social security benefits, health insurance, or earned income of each parent.

No matter what the case, it is important to get a lawyer’s help. There are too many variables and numbers to calculate for the average person to figure out on their own. For the benefit of all parties involved, schedule a consultation with a Houston lawyer that specializes in Houston child support laws. Doing so will be in the best interest of both parties and especially the children.

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Zone Of Silence

facebook-cover-4.27.15 Zone Of Silence
I did some work for a Mexican attorney in Richmond, Texas.  He agreed to write up some information on the Zone of Silence for me. My research did not come up with much on the town.  I would speculate that “New Agers” would eventually turn this place into something like Sedona, Arizona.  What would happen if a pyramid was built near the town or in the zone?  The information is skeletal but it is a start for someone who wants to explore the region.


The nearest town to the zone of silence is Ceballos, which is located in  Mapimi county in the state of Durango on geographical coordinates, latitude and longitude -104.129167 26.526111 medium height to 1185 meters above sea level.
In Ceballos lives 3177 persons which 1545 of them are male and 1632 are female 1826 citizens are being over 18 years.
There is a total of 715 homes in Ceballos in which 718 are normal houses or departments 82 homes are ground floor and 34 consist of a single room, in that place is expecting 667 housing plumbing, 681 homes that are connected to the public network and 695 houses have access to electricity.
By the information collected about this place you are interested that shows this place is a little town.
Ceballos is the nearest place of the silence zone to get there has to cross for that little town.
Is expected in a short time the government approve the capital investment for this area, this place can become in an exclusive tourist area.
The infrastructure it is not big, not even in simple services like hospitals, hotels, buildings attorneys so there’s no real states agent.


His famous Cerro de la Bufa or Indian, named resemble the profile of a human face. Their chalky soils exhibit traces of fossilized shells yet. It is also famous hanging bridge of 326 meters. Built many years ago and that helped save a deep ravine and two mountains unite rich metalliferous mining center in Ojuela.


Descending from the Sierra del Rosario to the east and northeast, we entered this region, the lowest in our state; we share with Chihuahua and Coahuila. It is a depression on the Mexican plateau remarkable uniformity. It extends from the Laguna Region to the State of Texas
It is located in the northeast of the Mexican republic, occupying large portions of the states of Durango, Chihuahua and Coahuila.

Leaving Chihuahua toward Durango, to Gomez Palacio, Durango; you get to a town called Ceballos, and then take a dirt road for 80 kms.


It is a desert area surrounded by low mountains, where is located the state minimum height is 1000 m; has high temperature characteristics of the desert areas. Lacks streams
It is a desert region with temperatures ranging between day and night from -7 ° C. to 28 ° C, with irregular rainfall. Its soil varies in its chemical, physical and biological. In the highlands, the soil is sandy, with gravel in the lower and in the depressions is saline and clay. There gypsum dunes.


In general, many people are attracted to this site, the mistaken belief that there is an area within the reserve where there is no sound, even the clocks stop working, which is an area where you can observe UFOs identified (UFOs), which is false or so says my guide.



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