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What to Say in Front of Judge to Get Divorced Texas

Author: | October 12th, 2014 | Category : Divorce Agreement

What to Say in Front of Judge to Get Divorced Texas If you have an attorney, that attorney will likely ask you questions that are as follows. If you have no attorney, sometimes the Judge will help you and ask you these questions, but the Judge is not required nor do they generally help you out.  Feel feel to print out the questions and use when you go to court. … Read more »

What are the roles of Bunker Hill Village divorce lawyer in Divorces?

Author: | October 19th, 2013 | Category : Divorce Agreement

What are the roles of Bunker Hill Village divorce lawyer in Divorces? Not all people become vengeful when their partners seek to divorce them. In fact, majority of people just want to go on with their lives and have as minimal contact with the legal practitioners as possible. A Bunker Hill Village Divorce Lawyer will therefore have minimal role, if any, in the legal proceedings of the divorce. Actually, he … Read more »

Poor Reasons to Mediate Your Family Law Case

 Poor Reasons to Mediate Your Family Law Case Mediation is very popular as a method for settling divorce cases rather than going to trial and it has many proponents.  This is the selling point made by many attorneys who are lazy and inexperienced.  Poor Reasons to Mediate Your Family Law Case are given below. 1. Your family law Judge requires mediation,  but the judge requires it typically because that judge that is making you go … Read more »

Noncontested Divorce Houston Texas

Noncontested Divorce Houston Texas Noncontested Divorce Houston Texas is the quickest and the least expensive way to get divorced in Harris County, Texas. In this type of divorce both parties are able to remove the emotional side of divorce and treat the process as a business transaction without the need of extensive litigation.  This also means that both parties make full disclosure as to assets and liabilities. To quality for an noncontested divorce both parties must be in … Read more »

Uncontested Divorce Katy Texas

Uncontested Divorce Katy Texas, uncontested or noncontested divorce in Katy, Texas.   There are two courts in Fort Bend County to 387th and the 328th.  I regularly practice in front of both judges on a weekly basis.  Too have it uncontested or waiver divorce the party’s must be in agreement as to the property division.   If you tell me you have no property I understand community property is all property earned  and acquired during the marriage.  Separate property is property … Read more »

Divorce Costs Houston Texas

Divorce Costs Houston Texas Divorce Costs Houston Texas at the law firm of Busby & Associates Attorney and Counselors at Law, P.C can run from as little as $400 to tens of thousands of dollars.  What are the factors that determine the costs?  If you have  fight then attorney time can quickly run up your bill.  If you have a deal, Then there is one meeting with the attorney and paralegals handle most … Read more »

Uncontested Divorce Agreement

Uncontested Divorce Agreement The contractual agreement for a uncontested divorce in Harris county allows you the client the following services: 1.  Final Decree of Divorce 2.  Waiver of Service 3. Bureau of vital statics form 4.  One court appearance The contract is attached for those interested.  You can call into the office for a telephonic interview and I will advise if you meet the requirements to contract for an uncontested divorce … Read more »

El divorcio Mutuo Houston Texas

El divorcio Mutuo Houston Texas El divorcio Houston Tejas de Mutuo es comenzado archivando una petición para el divorcio. Usted debe pagar al vendedor un honorario de limadura de $232 a $262 para publicar un número de la causa. Esto sería archivada en la oficina del vendedor del districto en el 2do piso Houston, Tejas de 201 Caroline. Usted ha solicitado para la disolución de su unión. Esto es un pleito. Los medios … Read more »


Author: | December 18th, 2012 | Category : Divorce Agreement, FORT BEND TEXAS DIVORCE COURTS

Fort Bend Texas Divorce Courts This article does not address the Title IV courts in Fort Bend only the divorce courts. There are two divorces courts in Fort Bend County.  Both courts require mediation before a temporary orders hearing involving child custody.  The 387th typically calls docket at 9 a.m. and the cases are bifurcated between the judges based on even or odd numbers.  You have one presiding judge and one associate … Read more »

Uncontested Divorce Houston No Children

 Uncontested Divorce Houston No Children Uncontested Divorce Houston No Children requires a simple final decree of divorce.  If you are not an attorney, then the time it takes to prepare the documents could be a chore.  My firm has dissolved over 2,000 unhappy marriages.  While the ending of the relationship is something to be mourned, it does mean a fresh start for the parties.  The form is standard which changes are made based on your … Read more »