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Divorce Mediation and its Advantages

Author: | December 6th, 2013 | Category : Contested Divorce Houston Texas

Divorce Mediation and its Advantages Your Houston divorce lawyer will have already told you that divorce mediation will take care of most of the nasty things in a divorce process. It finds solutions and amicable ways of settling divorce issues such as children custody, property division, visitation schedule and spousal maintenance. It is said to be the best route to follow in cases of contested divorces as it ultimately avoids … Read more »

Alimony Payments in Texas

Author: | October 10th, 2013 | Category : Contested Divorce Houston Texas

Alimony Payments in Texas Unlike in other states, Texas expects its people to work for their own living expenses. Alimony payments were formerly used as anti-welfare monies paid to the spouse so that he/she does not become dependent on the state for their living expenses. Over the years, there have been numerous proposals to change this rules but they have always been voted down. Alimony in Texas is called spousal … Read more »

Temporary Restraining Order

 Temporary Restraining Order The form used in below.  This is a standard form for divorces and many suit affecting the parent child relationship in Houston, Texas.  I typically appear in this type of hearing at least once a week. NO. _______________________ IN   THE MATTER OF § IN   THE DISTRICT COURT THE   MARRIAGE OF § § § AND §  JUDICIAL DISTRICT § § AND   IN THE INTEREST … Read more »

Contested Divorce Houston Texas

Contested Divorce Houston Texas Before filing for divorce here are some pointers.  Be careful about destroying evidence as this may cause you problems later.  At the same time, you want to review this list and attempt to cushion any negative impact your actions prior to filing divorce may had on your decision making.  Some pointers for you: Do check social networking sites and possibly shut down; Do secure self and make provisions … Read more »