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Divorce Attorneys in Houston Answer Texas Family Law Questions

When looking at people who have been divorced, most of us are guilty of the stereotypical belief that women and children are hit the hardest and we don’t consider the emotional damage that the men have experienced as well. We focus on the women and children’s trauma but don’t take into account that it takes two people to reach the stage where one or the other wants a divorce. The first problem that arises when looking at men whom have be
These days, more and more people are falling into legal issues, without a lawyer in their corner; these people may feel helpless and alone. Even though you may think you may never find yourself in the midst of litigation, the fact of the matter is, there are all kinds of reasons you could find yourself in court. Just like you wouldn't want to go into a boxing match without a coach in your corner, you're not going to want to go to court without a
The process of divorce is one that no one wants to go through. It is emotional, expensive, and life altering. Unfortunately, not all divorces end on an even note. As with any other form of job, some attorneys are better at their jobs than others. Therefore, if your divorce lawyer in Southside Place isn't as sharp as your partner's Houston divorce lawyer, you may find yourself getting shafted in the divorce. Although this may be hard
So people believe that divorce is a good thing, helping spouses out of physical or emotional abuse, getting children away from an abusive father or mother and helping yourself to a better life away from someone else’s trouble. But is it that straightforward? The recent trend seems to be that as soon as the children are out of the house the marriage is over because the couple no longer has something in common. Isn’t marriage supposed to be abo
Divorce has become somewhat of a norm worldwide. People who are divorced just marry again and some couples just never bother getting married in the first place. It seems that people find marriage just a road to divorce and that marriage is a cultural mechanism that tries to bind two people together spiritually to help them carry the burden that is life. Others see it as a piece of paper that ties you financially to another person and that a marri
In several instances, you may be advised to seek the assistance of a family law lawyer. But, what exactly is family law? Well, truth be told, it's just what it sounds like. It is an area of law that includes working with consumers with matters relating to families. There is a wide array of reasons that you may want to go see a family law attorney in Houston. Here are just a few of those reasons. Reason #1: Divorce: More often than not, the rea
When married couples reach a point where the relationship is no longer savable, and divorce seems to be the best option, there is a lot to think about. You're going to need to think about how to find the best divorce lawyer in Hockley or your city. You're going to need to split assets. Most importantly however, you're going to need to protect your children through the entire process. Our children are the future of our country, our family,
Divorce has become second nature to most of us and we as a nation have become weak in the context that we longer have compassion and empathy towards children whose parents are divorced. We are at fault, no longer teaching our children the value of commitment and loyalty that is supposed to bind a family together through blood. Domestic violence is also a common occurrence and we no longer heed the moral ethical code which states that strength
Every relationship has its good and bad times. A marriage is supposed to be forever. But, sometimes, the love just isn't there forever. Some families find it impossible to bring that love back and be the happy family they once were. In these instances, a divorce may be the result. However, before pursuing a divorce, there are a few things that you should do. After all, you want the marriage to work out as much as your partner does. Who knows, if
When looking at the status quo, it seems that women are affected by divorce worse than men are. When examining this statement it becomes clear that the reason for this is mostly because in long-term relationships children are a norm and the responsibility of caring for these children after divorce usually falls upon the females. The related stress and negative factors that should be calculated into the equation conclude that women have a much har
Busby & Associates firm have divorced relatively 4,000 couples in the past 14 years. If you feel your marriage is on the rocks Our intentions are not to break families, but to help reunite them. A marriage can become challenging, there is no question. If you feel that counseling can help preserve your marriage and assist your family in reunification, please contact one of the following marriage counselors listed below:   Santhi Per
Most people feel that divorce should come as a last resort when having marital problems and indeed it should be. You should seek counseling, mediation, ‘alone time’ during holidays and even parental intervention before calling it quits. A Houston divorce court will usually grant a divorce case based on all or any of the grounds listed below. Adultery Philandering is the main cause of divorce anywhere. Your Houston divorce
My name is Michael Busby. I am a divorce and family law attorney who practices in Harris and Ft. Bend County Texas. Most of the mediators listed are older attorneys who rely primarily on referrals. Some have websites but most do not and for the most part, spend very little on advertising. This list is not meant to grade in numerical order which mediator is the best. This list is meant to inform the client who may have a mediation set with one of
Most people are cynical about finding a good lawyer. The general perspective is that lawyers are conniving, greedy and morally corrupt. However, this is generalization and these exact traits can be said of any other profession. From law enforcement to business, politics to lobbying, any profession is bound to have a few ‘rotten eggs’ that spoil the name of an otherwise good profession. Houston divorce lawyers are one such group of prof
Divorce cases in Houston tend to get a little bit complicated for those who are visiting the courts for the first time. You do not know where the washrooms are, you do not know the court procedures, you are anxious because the case may go either way, and as if this is not bad enough, you have to be in the same room with a spouse who you wish to never see again. Houston divorce proceedings can however be a simple affair if you know what to
One of the major causes of marriages to fail is the ‘forbidden fruit’. If you are the type who always sees the proverbial greener grass over your neighbor’s fence, then you are courting a Houston divorce. In Texas, family values are taken very seriously. Most people that divorce always quote ‘irreconcilable differences’ as the cause for divorce. This is usually a polite way of saying ‘unforgivable adultery’. Many Houston d
A petition for divorce will start the process.  All lawyers must e-file petitions while non-lawyers can still hand file.  All cases in Harris county are confidential for 30 days.  Public access and thus online access can be made after the case has been on file for 30 days.  If you think that your spouse is not going to want the divorce, then you should serve them with the lawsuit at the time the case is filed.  Should you feel that your spou
Baby Lawyers In looking for a attorney to represent you for the dissolution of your marriage, the demographics are much like social hierarchy.  There are some lawyers who are very good with small estates, but have not dealt with the issues of a larger community property division.  The tax issues that would arise or a future benefit that should be considered now, are events that most new attor
Garnishment is the process of withholding the earnings of an individual so as to repay a debt obligation. Garnishment is a legal process, where a creditor or debt collector wins a lawsuit against you and is thus given the right to proceed with garnishment. Thus garnishment is sought by court order. In most situations the employer is required to withhold funds as a result of the garnishment court order. According to
Your Houston divorce lawyer will have already told you that divorce mediation will take care of most of the nasty things in a divorce process. It finds solutions and amicable ways of settling divorce issues such as children custody, property division, visitation schedule and spousal maintenance. It is said to be the best route to follow in cases of contested divorces as it ultimately avoids the possibility of having the court decide these