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The 280th Protective order court is a Harris County, Texas family law court for which the only type of hearing are Chapter 85 of the Texas family court.  On the bench at this writing is Judge Lynn Bradshaw-Hull.  Judge Tony Lindsay was the 1st Judge to sit in the 280th after it was designated a domestic violence court.  This is the only court in Texas which hears strictly protective orders.  A private attorney may prosecute this type of lawsuit, but if no divorce is pending, you can get the Harris County District Attorney’s office to file suit for you.  Beth Baron is the lead attorney for the domestic violence unit.  I have tried cases with her and also I had defended and prosecuted protective orders under both judges.  Let me tell you, under Judge Lindsay, it was much easier to have a protective order issued then Judge Hull.  Both are women but Judge Hull is unlikely to issue the order unless proven violence which usually means some form of bruising or broken skin.  A gun to the face or other vital areas may get you there along with stalking, but yelling and threats is a tough sell in her court.  This is always good when you represent the respondent.  On the Applicant side, you may consider temporary restraining order in one the family courts instead of the protective order and a request for some injunctions out of the family court.  I have tried 10 cases in this court since its designation as a family court and filed one mandamus in the appellate courts.  Judge Hull is a hard ass, but soft spoken judge.  Keep your mouth shut unless she or a lawyer asks a question.  Tell the truth and do not get excited.  You will come out on the winning side if you have good facts and hard direct evidence.    The docket call in the 280th Protective Court is typically on time.  Judge allows late calls, but is short when you have a trial conflict.  (maybe you should not have taken the case).  I am of the opinion that ever family law judge holds a protective order against you.  Never agree to a protective order that states you are not admitting to family violence but are agreeing to the protective order being issued.  Just try the case and have judge order if you think you are not guilty of harming your significant other.

Any file application for a protective order, at the 280th District Court will be made at the address 201 Caroline, 15th Floor. The case will be named respecting the following: “Name of the Applicant vs. Name of the Respondent”. Do not use, in any circumstances the phrase “In the Matter of the Marriage of”. An address form must be completed. The rules and policies usually applied in a family law and divorce courts are not applicable in the court. The motions for continuance are granted if they are filled 48 hours in advance.

All the applications for the Protective Order of this court will have separate numbers. Even if this application is filled together with a divorce or suit, it will still be taken separately and will not be treated in the same document. An application may include only one respondent. The applicant must file a Civil Process Request Form.

If the applicant needs a kick-out order, an in-person testimony is required, to make the respondent leave the residence. For that, the applicant must contact the clerk for an available date to appear in front of the Court.

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