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The 246th Divorce Court Houston Texas is located at 201 Caroline 16th Floor as of June 2, 2014, Houston, Texas 77002.  Judge Charley presides with his associate serving is Chelsie Ramos.   You can find the court website at  here.  You can also view the pleadings filed in your case at district clerk.

Procedures in the 246th Houston Divorce Court

Judge Prine was the associate Judge in the 309th until December 31st 2014.  He served 4 years under Sherry Dean. , Uncontested divorces start at about 8:45 a.m. Monday through Friday.    Docket calls starts at 9 a.m.  The meditation prior to a temporary order is required  per Local Rule 7.1 and in the appropriate case. Enforcement of this rule is at the discretion of the judge.  Do not expect to punt the case if you have not been to mediation. The case should involve a disputed custody or issues upon a visitation schedule, then you may get a referral to mediation. The meditation prior to the final trial will be regarded only following the Harris County Local Rule 7.2 is treated pretty much the same as mediation before final trial.  Parenting classes requirement has not been enforced in this court, although the court cites local rule requiring the parents to take the class. What this typically means, if you have a contested case, and have followed the courts rules, you score points in the trial.   The issue of name changing must respect a set of rules. In the case of an adult, the following documents are required: a Criminal Record (CHFF), released by the Crime Records Division (DPS) in Austin or FBI (under the form of electronic files); Certified or Original Birth Certificate; a copy of the Driver’s License; a copy of the Social Security Card; an order granting the change of name. In the case of a child name change, there are required: the presence of both parents is needed, unless a Waiver of Appearance or Citation is filed by the missing parent; the child’s Certified or Original Birth Certificate; the petitioner’s copy of Driver’s License; copies after both Social Security Card of the petitioner and child; an order granting the change of name.

The pre-trial conference will be held 10 days prior to the actual trial. In the case of issuance of scheduling orders, they are released in 90 days if the case is filed with a 90-day notice. DWOPs may appear if none of the parties or their counsel, are present at the conference of the pre-trial. Also, if either the petitioner or the movant fail to appear at the trial will trigger DWOP.

Parental coordinators or facilitators can be appointed on notice. They will assist the need after acknowledging the fact and circumstances. Regarding the matter involving children’s preferences or children interviews, the court will not admit the bringing in of any child without their previous approval. After notice and hearing, the court will allow an interview with a child. In the case this interview will be accepted, it will be scheduled only after school hours.

Any preferential setting will occur only in the appropriate circumstances. Any motion for continuance will need a hearing. In the hearing, a reason for a continuance will have to be presented to the court. Agreed continuances will follow the same requirements, as they will not be granted automatically. After the continuance is accepted, the settled date of the pre-trial and trial must be filed together with the scheduling order. Exceptions are attorney vacations letters, which are filed with the Harris County District Clerk, in a timely manner. These are honored, without the need of undergoing a hearing or motion for continuance.

Amicus attorney be appointed in the right circumstances, either sua sponte or with notice and hearing upon motion made.

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