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Divorce Attorneys in Houston Answer Texas Family Law Questions

Most state bankruptcy exemptions are specific to a type of property at a specific value or amount and can only be used to protect that property at that amount. Some examples of such exemptions are: Equity in your personal residence Car or motorcycle Household goods (such as appliances, bedding, clothing, garden tools, furnishings) Tools that are needed for your business or professio
Alimony is the common term used to refer to payments made after a divorce to one’s former spouse by the other spouse. There are different forms of alimony in every state some are temporary alimony, rehabilitative alimony, permanent alimony etc. In Texas there is only one form of post-divorce payments which one spouse is obligated to pay the other spouse and it is called spousal maintenance. Court ordered spousal maintenance is one that is enfor
Experts agree that a child of divorce normally fares better when there is meaningful involvement of both parents in the child’s life. Even the laws and processes carried out by courts follow the same principle that relevant contact with both parents is in the best interest of the child. However, a parent’s behavior can raise flags as to the safety and wellbeing of the child. Some examples of such flags are when a parent forgets to pick up the
A wage garnishment is any legal procedure where a portion of an employee’s salary or wage is required to be withheld by an employer for the payment of that employee’s debt. Wage garnishment can include IRS or state tax and writs issued by a court for debts that are not paid by the employee. The employer has the obligation to withhold the amounts to be paid for these debts. Texas uses the Title III of the Consumer Credit Protection Act for th
Nobody goes into a marriage thinking that eventually they will need a divorce lawyer. However, it happens to a lot of people for many different reasons. If your marriage is ending, then it might be time to find a divorce lawyer in Harris County. You don’t have to face this unfortunate event alone. So, hire a divorce lawyer. Divorce lawyers are people that are on your side. During a time when your marriage is failing, it’s nice to know that
When the tax year draws to a close, all people are anxious about tax returns and exemptions. This article will look into child support and tax. Firstly, it must be noted that child support is tax free, however spousal support is not. Child support is tax free to both the parent making the payments and the parent receiving it. While this is an advantage it is extremely important to ensure that the child support payments qualify as such by bein
Texas is called a community property state; this means that all income earned and property acquired by either spouse during the marriage is community property and belongs to both spouses equally. Therefore, it must be split equally between them when they divorce. Further, this also applies to all debt incurred during the marriage. Debts are considered to be community property and belong to both spouses and are to split equally between them. Howev
Texas couples must only seek a divorce if they believe that their marriage is irreparably damaged, i.e. beyond fixing, repair or conciliation. It is possible to file for a divorce as a result of their spouse’s fault. These different faults are recognized by a court under the following elements for the grounds of divorce: Abandonment Adultery Confinement in a mental hospital Conv
Family law attorneys in Houston, Texas are available to help with legal problems that affect children. Whether it be adoption, custody, or child support a family law attorney is your legal point of contact. When it comes to children the law is in place to protect them. Help your children by hiring someone who knows the law; a Houston family law attorney. If you have a legal situation that involves your children then hiring a family law attorne
The process of divorce is a difficult one. There are many steps to take, papers to sign, and decisions to make. If you are thinking about divorce or have already been served divorce papers, then you need the help of a divorce attorney in Houston. No one ever believes that divorce will happen to them but the reality is that divorces take place every day. There is no reason to go through the complicated process of divorce alone. Making decisions wi
Many couples do an online search to find out what is the average cost of divorce in the state of Texas. What they find could be alarming because a divorce can be costly particularly if the couple cannot come to an agreement. It is not wise for a couple to enter into the divorce process without legal counsel and each spouse will need their own attorney. When you add in the hourly fees, court costs and paperwork, the average cost of divorce will ad
Every state has their own set of standards and laws related to divorce, child custody, alimony and division of property. It is expected that those representing the court abide by these statues but the unique interpretation and perspective of each judge still applies when listening to the cases and evaluating both sides of the situation. If you decide to represent yourself then you will go before a judge that you are unfamiliar with which can affe
Garnishment is the process of withholding the earnings of an individual so as to repay a debt obligation. Garnishment is a legal process, where a creditor or debt collector wins a lawsuit against you and is thus given the right to proceed with garnishment. Thus garnishment is sought by court order. In most situations the employer is required to withhold funds as a result of the garnishment court order. According to
When a person files bankruptcy a compromised estate is created of everything you own at the time of the bankruptcy, including everything you are entitled to. There are two types of bankruptcy options: Chapter 7 bankruptcy – with this bankruptcy the trustee can sell estate property to repay your creditors Chapter 13 bankruptcy – here you must pay your creditors at least what they would have received had you filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy
Divorce is devastating for all involved, and that doesn’t always just mean the couple going through it. If there are children involved, it can have lasting effects on them as well, and as things like custody and child support are typically ongoing processes, a divorce can seem to go on forever. Regardless of the reasoning behind wanting a divorce, there are many things to think about before heading to divorce court in Houston. Step one is to
Nobody ever thinks that they will end up in divorce court in Houston, TX but it is a fact that many marriages come to an end. In this situation, a lawyer is needed to help the couple navigate the legal system. It is never wise to go into a divorce proceeding without having legal representation at your side. Don’t just hire any lawyer but be sure to hire the best, a lawyer who has been practicing law in Houston for a number of years, and one
The Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act provides for the protection of consumers from unfair debt collection practices. The Texas Debt Collection Act advocates for the same protection but goes a step further to regulate the manner in which debt collection is practiced within the state of Texas. The Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Texas Debt Collection Act are two pieces of legislation that basically serve the same pur
There are many reasons to find the best divorce lawyers in Houston. If you have children and are looking out for their best interest, hire a great lawyer to be your advocate. Some couples accrue an enormous number of assets that must be divided as equally as the law allows. This requires the knowledge of a great lawyer so that neither party loses out on what might rightfully be theirs. On the other hand, some couples accrue an enormous amount of
Divorce is never an easy event to go through. Even if both parties are in agreement to the permanent separation, there are many difficult decisions that still need to be made. Divorce lawyers in Houston can help to make those decisions. When it comes to filing for divorce find the best lawyer in Houston to represent you. A divorce lawyer in Houston will know the laws around divorce. They will guide you through all of the paperwork, the court d
Those who are looking for bankruptcy lawyers in Houston, TX are likely in financial crisis. This is a stressful situation for any one person or family. It is also a process that requires a lot of forethought, planning, and thinking. Bankruptcy may not be the answer and a bankruptcy lawyer will help their clients to decide if it is the right course of action or if there is another option to help them in their situation. Call for a consultation and