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Rebuild your Credit

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How I can rebuild my credit quickly?

Once your finances have stabilized after a bankruptcy or financial crisis, you can rebuild your credit instantly. How? The first step is to obtain a secured credit card, anyone can get a credit line based on the balance of savings, Visa or MasterCard being covered in case of emergency, car rental or hotel reservations. With a good payment history and credit report on this card is started again.

For any problem related to bankruptcy , child custody and matters relating to family law  please contact:

 Busby & Associates PC
2909 Hillcroft Suite 350, Houston
Texas 77057

Phone: 713-974-1151
Fax: 713-974-1181

www.busby-lee.com  – consumerlaw@busby-lee.com

Below we provide some companies where you can apply for secured credit card. [/ Fusion_text] [/ one_full]

Capital One

PO Box 85547
Richmond, VA 23286
(800) 955-7070 (ok) www.capitalone.com [/ fusion_text] [/ one_half]


PO Box 60102
City of Industry, CA 91716-0102
(800) 753-6529 www.hsbccreditcard.com [/ fusion_text] [/ one_half]

Merrick Bank

PO Box 9201
Old Bethpage, NY 11804-9001
(800) 253-2322 www.merrickbank.com/products.aspx [/ fusion_text] [/ one_half]

Providian Bancorp

PO Box 660509
Dallas, TX 75266-0509
(800) 647-8641 or (800) 356-0011 www.providian.com/ [/ fusion_text] [/ one_half]

HSBC / Orchard Bank

PO Box 60102
City of Industry, CA 91716-0102
(800) 283-8373 www.orchardbank.com [/ fusion_text] [/ one_half]

Bank of America Secured Visa Card

PO Box 53132
Phoenix, AZ 85072-3132
(800) 732-9194 www.bankofamerica.com/creditcards/ . [/ Fusion_text] [/ one_half]

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Other companies may issue you a credit card unsecured after you have met with their debts and have a steady source of income. Here we tell you can contact for a card uninsured. [/ Fusion_text] [/ one_full]

Aspire Card

1148 Broadway
Columbus, GA 31901 [/ fusion_text] [/ one_half]

Juniper Credit Card

PO Box 8801
Wilmington, DE 19899-880 [/ fusion_text] [/ one_half]

HSBC / Orchard Bank

PO Box 60102
City of Industry, CA 91716-0102
(800) 283-8373 www.orchardbank.com [/ fusion_text] [/ one_half]

Merrick Bank

PO Box 9021
Old Bethpage, NY 11804-9001
(800) 253-2322 www.merrickbank.com/products.aspx [/ fusion_text] [/ one_half]

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Once you have obtained a secured credit card, there is a second option, the credit card department store. Many department stores, which give off a credit card without running a credit check when shown the MasterCard or Visa card.

Companies in which you can get credit cards in the departments. [/ Fusion_text] [/ one_full]

Star Fine Furniture

3727 Broadway
Galveston, Texas 77550
(409) 762-7821 www.starfurnituregalveston.com [/ fusion_text] [/ one_half]

Gallery Furniture

2411 Post Oak Blvd.
Houston, TX 77056
(713) 694-5570 www.galleryfurniture.com [/ fusion_text] [/ one_half]

Lacks Home Furnishings

2501 Texas Avenue
College Station, Texas 77840
(979) 695-9022 www.lacks.com [/ fusion_text] [/ one_half]

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A third step is to get a secured bank loan. Go to a bank officer and explain that you are trying to reset your credit stay, ask for help to open a savings account and get a personal loan secured by the savings account.

A fourth step in establishing your credit is by purchasing a car at a local dealership where you advertise that specializes in giving loans those who have experienced financial difficulties, these lenders can help you repair your credit.

Here are some companies that can be contacted for a car loan. [/ Fusion_text] [/ one_full]

HED Auto Sales

1311 N. Shepherd (at 610 North Loop)
Houston, TX 77008
(713) 863-1477 [/ fusion_text] [/ one_third]

Douglass Nissan

1001 Earl Rudder Freeway S
College Station, TX 77845
(979) 764-7726 www.douglassnissan.com [/ fusion_text] [/ one_third]

Joe Myers Ford

16634 Northwest Freeway
Houston, TX 77040
(866) 374-9554 [/ fusion_text] [/ one_third]

Champion Ford

(Horace Sutter)
20777 Katy Freeway
(Katy, TX 77450
Phone: 281-5199100
Fax: 281-675-4777 [/ fusion_text] [/ one_third]

Joe Myers Kia Mazda

16634 Northwest Freeway
Houston, TX 77040
(866) 374-9554 www.joemyerskia.com [/ fusion_text] [/ one_third]

Davis Chevrolet

(Cory Middleton)
2277 South Loop West
Phone: 713-794-2500
Fax: 713-794-2589 [/ fusion_text] [/ one_third]

Mac Haik Ford / Chevrolet

11711 Katy Freeway
Houston, TX 77079
(281) 509-9085 www.machaikchevy.com [/ fusion_text] [/ one_third]

Gillman Mitsubishi

(Cruz Gonzalez)
12311 Katy Freeway
Houston, TX, 77079
281-496-8709 [/ fusion_text] [/ one_third]

Joe Myers Toyota

19010 Northwest Freeway
Houston, TX 77065
(866) 374-7400 www.joemyerstoyota.com [/ fusion_text] [/ one_third]

Gillman Lincoln-Mercury

3501 BF Terry Blvd.
Houston, TX 77471
281-342-6363 [/ fusion_text] [/ one_third]

Caldwell Country Pre-Owned

2310 Harvey Mitchell Parkway South
College Station, Texas 77845
(979) 260-6569 [/ fusion_text] [/ one_third]

HSBC Auto Finance-National Lender

941 Corporate Center Drive
Pomona, CA 91768
(877) 367-4222 [/ fusion_text] [/ one_third]

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Another option to regain control of your finances is to get insurance rates lower cars. Most people use State Farm, Farmers insurance. These agencies are intermediaries insurance companies and therefore charge a fee for this service. However, usually you can save up to 15% on their insurance premiums.
Consider consult these companies:

  • GEICO Toll Free: 1-800-861-8380
  • NATIOINWIDE INSURANCE: 713-856-5533 Barhorst Agency (there are five agencies)
  • AUTO INSURANCE DISCOUNTERS: 713-789-2886 (many attractions are in Houston)

Stay away from easy credit with high interest rates offered to him, take steps to manage budgets properly, do not spend beyond your means and resist the temptation to incur debt beyond their reasonable ability to pay only for the purpose of restoring the credit.

The best you can do is not buy anything with the card unless you know you can pay when the bill will come. After making payments, check your account and your credit file have been updated by the credit bureau.

The fifth step to restore your credit is to buy a house.

You can apply for a bank loan , one year after the elimination of its debt, to buy a house. And after two years, you can apply for FHA / VA loans that are backed by the government and given to people with the best credit rating to a lower rate of interest. This can be done by taking good credit when your debt has been eliminated from bankruptcy despite its history.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN BUYING or refinance a home, mortgage brokers LOCAL FOLLOWING CAN HELP : [/ fusion_text] [/ one_full]
Call your bank institution or mortgage company (if this is for a refinance)
Tom Gilley [/ fusion_text] [/ one_third]
Aames Home Loan
(David Plachy)
11011 Richmond Ave. # 980
Houston, TX 77042
713-334-4553 ext. 204 [/ fusion_text] [/ one_third]
TransTexas Mortgage
(Nicole Kibodeaux)
1120 NASA Rd. One # 540
Houston, TX 77058
281-335-8073 [/ fusion_text] [/ one_third]
Century Mortgage
(Sam Masri)
8401 Westheimer Rd. # 102
Houston, TX 77057
713-532-2222 [/ fusion_text] [/ one_third]
CBP Mortgage Inc.
(Scott Region)
Houston, TX
281-648-9700 ext. 102 [/ fusion_text] [/ one_third]
hoome NovaStar Mortgage Inc.
(Katy Langeregger)
3131 Turtle Creek Blvd. # 400
Dallas, TX 75219
214-389-2739 [/ fusion_text] [/ one_third]
TMG Mortgage Inc.
(Michael Matthews)
2909 Hillcroft # 275
Houston, TX 77057
832-237-5626 [/ fusion_text] [/ one_third]
New Alliance Mortgage.
(Kelly molnari)
330 N. Sam Houston Pkwy. # 218
Houston, TX 77060
281-272-5900 [/ fusion_text] [/ one_third]
New Century Mortgage
(Misael Garza)
3050 Post Oak Blvd. # 660
Houston, TX 77056
713-355-8980 [/ fusion_text] [/ one_third]
New Century Mortgage Corporation
(Kim Kuanchai)
18400 Von Karman # 1000
Irvine, CA 92612
949-440-7030 [/ fusion_text] [/ one_third]
Davis Mortgage Services
7016 Williams Dr
Galveston, TX 77551
409-771-6893 (Office)
866-586-6558 (Toll Free )
jdavis@davismortgageservices.com [/ fusion_text] [/ one_third]
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Woodforest National Bank

Second Chance for a bank account. Woodforest is in most Wal-Mart stores in Harris and surrounding counties. Woodforest National Bank in unlimited check account is ideal for borrowers who have experienced credit obstacles to open a bank account.


unlimited checks
ATM / debit
Free Internet Banking
Notification free daily email
24 hours, 7 days a week free access to the account
Check image issued
FDIC insurance
Minimum amount to open an account: $ 50

Woodforest National Bank
(800) 677-9801 www.1stnb.com

First National Bank is a second chance and is found mainly in Kroger stores.

IBC Bank
(713) 526-1211 www.ibc.com

IBC accounts verified by Chex Systems but if the problem is more than a year ago is more likely that you can open a checking account.

Prosperity Bank
(713) 693-9250 www.statebanktx.com


Prosperity verified accounts through Tele-Check; not Chex Systems.

Wells Fargo

Opportunity Checking
(800) 869-3557 www.wellsfargo.com

[/ Fusion_text] [/ one_full]

Avoid being tempted by the alleged credit repair agencies

Avoid being tempted by the alleged agencies ” credit repair “. These are often scams unregulated, taking advantage of the distress and financial difficulties and they do not do more than what you can do for yourself, by exercising their legal right to have a credit report correctly listing their outstanding obligations payment or the use of temporary tactics to eliminate negative marks on your credit report coming back in his report within thirty days.

The credit reporting agencies have clever ways of performing these tactics. Please note that credit approval is based on a “score” that includes several elements. The most significant are a housing payments current mortgage , a job he has held for a year or more, a recent or paid bank loan, recent payments by credit card, a telephone and a checking account in your name.

Establish or strengthen these elements as much as possible, you can start reestablishing your credit immediately after bankruptcy or debt consolidation. Learn to control your finances and avoid using credit incorrectly . Be aware of your “Credit Rights” under the federal credit report and related laws:

  • Get a credit bureau a report of what is in your credit file.
  • Learn how they have investigated their credit files stores, bankers, businessmen and others.
  • Request a verification of the credit bureau if the information is incorrect.
  • Get missing data and add to your file.
  • Harmful information available credit removed from his file after seven years and bankruptcy information after ten years. The most agencies take off bankruptcy after six years
  • Put your version of the facts in your credit file.
  • Privacy of information in the file of any person other than legitimate members of the credit reporting agency.
  • Have your credit report transferred from one place to another whenever you move.
  • Use the small court to resolve any dispute with the credit bureau about incorrect information in your file claims.
  • Know exactly why he was denied credit and contact the credit institution within ten days of being rejected.
  • Remain silent / a on credit information that is not currently displayed in your file.


If you have trouble paying your bills, you can take control of your debts now!

We offer a free consultation, without obligation, which will give all alternatives to your financial situation. We do not work for collectors or credit card companies. We represent families and people like you. My company has helped thousands of families and small businesses with the same problems that you face right now. You need to have an open mind to explore all options for you and your family.

The first priority is to get your finances under control. You need to find the best strategy for your situation. Most of us get information about credit and debt from biased as card companies, debt collectors email and information sources. In many cases, well-intentioned obtain information from family and friends but your information is incorrect.

Your credit is determined by a number of things. It is not enough to keep up on their credit cards to have good credit.

Always we have been told that if you pay all your bills and credit cards, then you have good credit. This is not true, the question that any banker wants to know is how much money you have left at the end of the month after paying all his living expenses and credit card bills. If you do not have money to spare, then you have what is called a negative debt ratio and no bank will lend you money. You do not have to believe me, go ask your banker. Ask for a personal loan and find out what he or she says. Why not lend you money? Because you can not afford to pay the additional monthly payments.

What about the minimum payments made on credit cards? Do you make your minimum payments and sees little lower your balance? You have a number of options regarding its debt. Some options work and others do not.

Your first option is to borrow money from relatives and friends. Seldom I recommend this option because if you are having trouble paying bills you may not repay the loan and could injure valuable personal relationships.

The second option is to go to a bank for a loan. Banks look at two things. First, you have to be up to date on all your credit cards and accounts and must have money at the end of the month to pay off another loan. In most cases this option is not available.

A third option is to use a bill consolidation service. Most of these advertising services such as non-profit organizations declare that they are a free service. This should worry, since all companies have to pay rent and wages. However, it sounds good and many people choose this option. In some cases they are able to combine your credit cards into one payment and may reduce the interest. They can only help the companies credit cards and some credit card companies will not agree to the arrangement.

With a bill consolidation service, a monthly payment based on what you have left at the end of the month and everything goes to the credit card you are paid. The consolidation service gets a percentage of what companies pay credit card. You pay the total amount of debt, and in most cases it takes five years to repay the debt. During this time you have no money left over at the end of the month, no money for emergencies, you have bad credit all the time and can not start rebuilding credit until after paying the debt in full.

A fourth option is to consider using federal law to help you with your debt problems. In most cases you can eliminate debt and start rebuilding your credit after only four months instead of four to six years. This booklet also serves as a ” repair kit credit ” for you to rebuild credit. Responsible use of federal bankruptcy laws can allow a much needed break and a fresh start in our financial affairs. Actually, filing under the bankruptcy code can be the first step in restoring your credit!

What does it mean? I heard a bankruptcy case remains in my credit report for ten years “True, but most credit bureaus remove a bankruptcy bill consolidation after six years. Another negative information remains on the report for seven years, so it is not better, and if you do not do something, your credit report will only get worse and worse. The fact is that a bankruptcy or debt consolidation bankruptcy provides a CUT OFF point for FRESH START (once the discharge, balancing on discharged debts must be zero set). You can get credit immediately after a bankruptcy case. All you have to do is follow the steps in this booklet and rebuild credit fast.

There are two types of bankruptcy cases. Straight bankruptcy, Chapter 7 bankruptcy and debt consolidation, chapter 13. Today, you learn the difference between the two, and how they apply to your financial situation.

We offer a consultation hassle for you to evaluate all of your options. My opinion is that you can not make the best decision about what to do with your financial situation until you know all the facts about all of your options. We provide the information.

Consolidation services debt and banks do not want you to know this information. Why? Because they make money when you sign up with them. The debt consolidation services want you to believe that your financial life will be better if you consider filing for bankruptcy. This simply is not true. How is your financial life right now? Can you easily manage your payments? Can you borrow money from a bank? Do you have money saved for emergencies, for retirement? If you qualify, bankruptcy or debt consolidation may be your best alternative or not.

So far, read my lips! CREDIT forget! Focus on back on their feet financially. Credit problems begin with the denial. You can have a credit problem if:

You can not afford the minimum monthly payment on their bills.

Only ships in the minimum monthly payment on their bills.

You do not have a budget prepared.

You’ve recently been turned down for a loan or credit.

Your creditors continue to demand payment.

You have balance in your gas card.

You carry a balance on your department store cards.

Concentrate on having a correct finances. At the same time, free from the constant pressure pushed the credit is good for you. Credit leaves huge profits companies credit cards with interest charges, both you and I could make better use of that money for our family and for savings. One of the most important financial lessons anyone can learn is: avoid credit except for buying something that can increase in value, like a home.

What to leave out a credit card bankruptcy or debt consolidation? If you must, by law requirirá listing the creditor. Some argue that it is not necessary to list a card with a zero balance. Keep a card can be dangerous, because it is very easy to have credit problems.

We extend our sincere best wishes in their efforts to achieve financial control and peace of mind that goes with it! Get right now about all of your options. Our phone number is 1- (866) -912 to 9832 or visit us at  www.busby-lee.com [/ fusion_text] [/ one_full]

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