You should go to credit counseling first

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You should go to credit counseling first

You may be feeling hopeless and alone right now. You’re probably wishing you had a friend you could talk to without feeling embarrassed…someone to advise you about what to do.

Unfortunately, some friends don’t give the best advice. In fact, someone has probably already suggested that you try credit counseling instead of bankruptcy. If that someone is a credit card company, you are not talking to a “friend”. In fact, you’re in the middle of enemy territory!

The fact of the matter is that credit card companies will deliberately give you misleading information because they don’t want you to file bankruptcy! They know that a credit counseling agency will help them get their money. And they know that bankruptcy will wipe out what you owe them entirely.

It is in the best interest of credit card companies to keep you in debt to them for as long as possible.

 You should try credit counseling before even considering filing bankruptcy.

Truth: Credit counselors work to help credit card companies collect their money from you. They are not your friends and they are not on your side.

Credit counselors may be very nice people, but you should know that they are being paid by your creditors to help collect money from you. While they can submit proposals to your creditors, they have ZERO ability to force a creditor to accept their proposal.

In fact, the IRS has disqualified several credit counseling organizations because they turned out to be cleverly disguised collection agencies who were working for the credit card companies.

But here’s the good news…

A qualified bankruptcy firm can submit a proposal that allows you to walk away from your debt…and they have methods for compelling credit card companies to accept the proposal submitted.

Get help from someone who truly has your best interests in mind…someone who is working for YOU.

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