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What documents do I need to File a Bankruptcy in Houston Texas?


What to bring to your scheduled appointment to file your  bankruptcy case?

What Do I Need to File Bankruptcy in Houston Texas ? First of all, please set aside at least 2 to 3 hours of your time for the appointment scheduled to file your bankruptcy  case. You need to make sure that we have all your documents before your case can be filed in completion. The following documents are necessary; 6 months of your pay advices or  business income and expense form for the last 6 months as well, 6 months of bank statements (and that is any accounts that are in your name whether you are joint with anyone or not), tax returns, and the bankruptcy workbook. If filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the bank statements needed are up to the date of filing. In this case it is easier to go to the bank on the day of your appointment and just request a transaction history report. In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy  you are only required to provide the last two years of your tax returns. In a Chapter bankruptcy  you are required to provide the last 4 years of your tax returns. You will be taking a credit counseling class that is required by the court. The certificates provided after the counseling are to be filed along with your bankruptcy  case.

Once the credit counseling class is completed you will meet with a paralegal and will go over all the information that was asked in your bankruptcy workbook to make sure that nothing was left out. Once the information is inputted and printed you will meet with the attorney and verify all the information and sign your documents. Chapter 13  clients will also review with the attorney their plan payment to make sure it is feasible. Plan payments on a Chapter 13 are subject to change anytime within the first 2 months after filing. Chapter 7   clients do not have plan payments.  Once your case is filed, whether a bankruptcy  or  bankruptcy 7, expect to attend a Meeting of Creditors 30 to 45 days after the date of filing. You will be assigned a Judge and Trustee of the court. In a Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Houston Texas there are two Trustee’s, William Heitkamp and David Peake.  Depending on who your trustee is your Creditors meeting could either be on a Wednesday or Friday morning. As there are multiple Trustees in a Chapter 7 case, it is unknown what day or time the Creditors Meeting will take place. Within a week you will get notice of the meeting from the court. The only information you will need to your Creditors Meeting is your identification card and your social security card. In a chapter 13 bankruptcy there is another hearing to confirm your plan. Depending on your trustee and the judge you may or may not need to attend court located on 515 Rusk in Houston, Texas. Chapter 13 bankruptcy  cases are usually 3-5 years. Chapter 7 bankruptcy  cases are usually 4 to six months once your case is filed. Chapter  7 bankruptcy clients do not have any other hearings unless there are special circumstances. A second class is to be taken in both Chapters in order to receive a discharge. Chapter 7 bankruptcy  cases can take a Financial Management course after the case  is filed. Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases have to wait until notice is sent by the trustee and our office.  Visit me on the web at www.busby-lee.com. My Office is located at 2909 Hillcroft suite 350  Houston, Texas 77057  (713) 974-1151