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The Secret to Choosing the Best Houston Bankruptcy Lawyer

Filing bankruptcy is probably one of the hardest things that many businessmen would experience. However, it is inevitable and a necessity too, most especially if you want to save your assets, your house, and other important things from your personal life as well as from your company. So if you’re currently living in Houston communities such as Baytown, you would need to immediately file Baytown bankruptcy before your debts start to drown and swallow you whole. But how are you going to do this?

 Hiring a Lawyer

Hiring a Houston bankruptcy lawyer is the only way that you can do to ensure that your bankruptcy filing would go through the right channels. Your counsel would save you from a lot of trouble in the future so make sure you trust them wholeheartedly. It is for this reason why you have to choose your attorney very carefully. Here’s how you can select the best bankruptcy lawyer that can truly help you with your needs.

Years of Experience is a Must

Years of law practice make a great lawyer so make sure you only consider those who are in the business for more than five years. You need to make a little background check too so you can determine how good this person is based on his previous cases. After all, it is your life that is on the line here and you would want someone to handle and treat it with the same life-and-death importance just like you do. Each lawyer has a his own legal expertise so only choose the one who is qualified by checking out their license.

Work Ethics and Discipline

Many people think that all lawyers are shark and this is always a good thing if they only use this kind of aggressiveness so that they can win your case in an ethical manner. Maintaining professionalism and discipline is extremely crucial to all lawyer/client relationships. Personal attitude must be checked too. The good news is, the state of Texas actually requires all counsels to undergo a moral character test. This is so the state can gauge if the person is truly fit to practice the law, without the possibility of committing fraudulent actions and activities in the future.

Proper Payment Scheme

Since you’re filing bankruptcy, paying your legal counsel can be a bit difficult. The fact that these lawyers can be very expensive doesn’t really help but since you need them, you would do anything to make it work. A good lawyer would be willing to provide a decent payment plan that is realistic for your current situation. All in all, there are three legal rate methods—the flat rate, the hourly, and the contingency. Discuss these options with your lawyer so you can come up with a game plan on how you can pay him.

Declaring Houston bankruptcy doesn’t automatically mean that you will never recover and that it’s actually the end for you. On the contrary, filing this will enable you to start a fresh new life free from debts. It is a solution that can protect your assets, wipe out your pending debts, and provide an installment payment plan that you can commit to. A good lawyer can make all these things happen so make sure that you carefully consider these factors prior to choosing one. Good luck.

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