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Reconciling Debt

If you owe money and have not paid your debts for a while, your bills may have gone to collections. Texas debt collection laws allow for collectors to contact you in order to try to get you to pay. There are many legal ways for them to make contact but there are also illegal ways. If you are facing debt collection, getting harassing phone calls, or threats of being arrested, it is time to call an attorney.

When you owe money, you should do your best to pay it. However, sometimes life happens and it isn’t always easy to pay right away. If a bill of any kind goes to a collection agency life can get a little uncomfortable. There could be phone calls to your home, your family, and even your job. You’ll receive letters in the mail demanding payment.

All of these things are legal under Texas debt collection laws. However, there is a line that can be drawn.

You can send a letter to the collection agency requesting that they stop calling you. Your boss can tell them that they may not call you during your work time. Also, if you believe that you do not owe the money, you can send the collection agency a letter stating why you don’t owe the money and any proof that you may have of that fact. This all may seem overwhelming and time consuming. Considering hiring a lawyer to help you with the process.

A bankruptcy attorney understands Texas debt collection laws. They will work with their client to obtain credit counseling, budgeting classes, or reconciling debt with creditors. If dealing with creditors is too intimidating for you, allow a professional to do that. An attorney has experience with talking to creditors. They know the proper paperwork to fill out and they may have sound legal advice to give you related to paying back your debt. If you feel threatened by a debt collector, hire an attorney. If the process scares you, seek experienced legal counsel immediately. Bankruptcy attorneys can handle the work that goes into navigating Texas debt collection laws. They are willing and available to help you negotiate a settlement between you and your creditors.