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A good Houston Bankruptcy Lawyer will be the difference between retaining some of your assets and losing them all. It is therefore very necessary to select one who suits your need. It is not enough to have passed the bar and become a member of the practicing Houston lawyers. He must be better than average. Below are some of the qualities to look out for when searching for a good Houston Bankruptcy Lawyer.
Exposure and Experience

Bankruptcy needs above average negotiation skills. One may be a very smart lawyer but he has not been exposed to situations where he can use the skills. An experienced hand sees the pitfalls before they become your financial dungeons. A good Houston Bankruptcy Lawyer will have several years of practicing law in Houston under his belt. He will have the knowledge of how the courts operate, how a particular judge is likely to rule and where and how to get the best defenses for a case. You do not want to be caught off guard when it is your life’s work that is on the line.

Composure and Availability

A good Houston Bankruptcy Lawyer will never get agitated when negotiating on your behalf. He will have seen all the posturing and false bravado that goes into any kind of negotiations. He will know when to exert pressure and when to let go. He never misses a heartbeat when a trustee asks a particularly hard question. Neither does he blink when the creditors accuse you of hiding some assets. He will also be available to handle all your queries. You do not want to be represented by a Houston Bankruptcy Lawyer who is too busy to talk to you when you need to talk. He must be inviting and careful not to offend your raw nerves.

Enlightened and Well Trained

Law school cannot teach any Houston Bankruptcy Lawyer the tricks he will pick up when practicing law. Some things you have to do to have the knowhow. It is not enough to be in the top of the law class. In the trenches, the Houston Bankruptcy Lawyer acquires invaluable life lessons. He becomes street smart. He knows which law loopholes to exploit to get the best deal for his customers. This is not to say that he should not be well trained. If your Houston Bankruptcy Lawyer came from an Ivy League law school, it is because he was smart enough to get there. Run a background check on him.

Understands your Situation

You are here filing for bankruptcy and your lawyer is charging $1,000 an hour and the irony of it all is lost on him…A good Houston Bankruptcy Lawyer will first ask you how much you are ready to offer for his services. If he is unable to work for that rate, he will be honest and tell you that you cannot afford him. He will not waste your time. If you meet such a lawyer, then he will be worth your ‘fast dwindling cash’.


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