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Lawsuits in Brazos County Courthouse

A judge of US district court is publicly titled a “District Judge”. The central judges, including Supreme Court Justices and judges, can also take a seat in a district court upon assignment via chief judge of the circuit. The judges in all district courts are set by assembly in the US Code. The President appoints the central judges for terms of excellent performance, thus the nominees often allocate at least a few of his convictions.

District judges usually focus on managing their supervising trials, overall court caseload, and writing opinions in reaction to important actions like the motion for summary decision. For a long time, routine tasks like resolving innovation disputes preserve, in the discretion of district judge, are referred to civil judges.

Civil judges can also be appealed to get ready the recommendations and reports on contested matters for the consideration of district judge or, with the approval of all parties, to suppose complete rule over a court case including conducting the trial.

Brazos County Courthouse in the region which is now Brazos County was included in Austin‘s second colony and became division of Washington under the Mexican government. And 272nd District Court Judge is Travis B. Bryan, lll. He was appointed by Gov. Rick Perry. Bryan was born in 21 April, 1947 and is a lifetime resident of Brazos County.


Travis B. Bryan III

300 E. 26th St.

Suite 207

Bryan, TX 77803

Ph: (979) 361-4220

Fx: (979) 361-4517


Bryan is a board qualified criminal defense public prosecutor and served as Brazos County District Attorney. He is an associate and past president of Brazos Bar union, and past executive of the Brazos Valley Mental Health Retardation Center and Brazos Valley Rehabilitation Center.

Additionally, Bryan is a member of the Texas Bar institution, member of the State Bar of Texas and past executive of the Bryan Viking P.E. Club. He also served as administrator of First National Bank of Bryan for thirty years. Bryan received a law degree from Baylor University and a degree of bachelor from Texas A&M University.

District Judge Travis B. Bryan proposed changes to renewal plans for the 4th floor of Brazos Courthouse in a meeting with the Commissioners of Brazos County Court.

The renewal plans for the 4th floor have been in development for 2 years, according to County Judge. The renovation will shift the361st District Court, 272nd District Court and 85th District Court to the 4th floor of the courthouse, remaking the offices, court rooms and judges deliberation rooms larger.

The 4th floor of courthouse used as a jail, which could house eighty inmates. The apartments of the courts will grow in range by approximately 1,000 square feet for the 85th District Court and almost 1,300 square feet for the other.


What Kind of Cases Come to Court:

Different type of cases comes in the Brazos County Courthouse at daily basis which consist of credit card debt, breach of contract cases and many others.

Credit Card Lawsuit:

In Texas once you signed up for a credit card then Texas law maybe applies to your case.  Under Texas law the statute of limits on card debt is 4 years.  4 years from when you breached your constitutional obligation to pay the credit card charges.  If 4 years have passed while your credit card became past payable and you have not made a payment since then, you may be in fortune. The statute of limits has possibly run.  If the credit card company did not file the court case until after these 4 years, then you must be able to get the case removed.

Unfortunately, there are things you can do to reset the ruling of restrictions clock.  If you evade more than 4 years ago, but at few point less than 4 years ago you sent in a payment, even a small payment, you have just reset the clock.  If you assert the debt in script, you have just reset the clock.  Debit collectors will go to trick you into liability these effects. In the Credit Card court case the time limit to answer a lawsuit is much short, and it is truly short in the integrity of the peace courts.

Breach of Contract Cases:

Usually, contracts are those agreements written by two or more companies, parties, government institutions and even civil organizations. These bonds may also dwell of the contracting parties’ promise to perform or to finish from doing a particular action for a particular charge. Normally, these are done in form of writing, either informal or formal, but in some examples, it can also be made orally.

Contracts typically contains terms such as how’s who’s, where’s, and what’s of the arrangement. These conditions will describe both parties’ responsibilities and the period and manner in which the contract must be completed.

Contract Breach

Mainly, breaches happen when one party fails to complete his part confirmed in the contract. These may happen because of the following situations:

  • One party has totally refused to do his responsibilities stipulated in the agreement
  • One party concerned in the agreement has exercised some dealings opposing to the purpose of the contract
  • One side of the accord has given the other complications in meeting his responsibility to the contract


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