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Houston Bankruptcy: Making the Right Decisions

Whether you’re applying for West University Place bankruptcy or Houston bankruptcy, it is crucial that you at least know what you’re getting into first so that you can make the right choices with your lawyer at all times. Going through this ordeal can be very difficult and sometimes, your emotions can get the best of you so you need to be very careful because you really can’t afford of committing another mistake again. Here are some helpful and interesting points that you should know about when you’re filing for bankruptcy.

Getting a Fresh Start

The bankruptcy law isn’t created to put all bankrupt individuals to shame. Going through this case can bruise your ego and tarnish your reputation but it is a small price to pay for someone who is in neck-deep debt. The primary purpose of these laws is to provide the concerned person to have a fresh start in life. If done right, your debts can be wiped out and at the same time, your assets can be protected.

Hiring the Right Attorney

The first important thing that you must do is to look for the best Houston bankruptcy lawyer that you are comfortable with and that you can really trust. Legal counsels can cost a lot and since you practically have no money to spare, you can ask your attorney for a realistic payment scheme that you can afford. There are three legal ways that you can pay. These are flat rate, hourly rate, and contingency rate. Talk to your lawyer about these options and choose a method that is most suitable for you in the future.

Things You Need to Ask

Now that you have your own lawyer, it is time for you to start discussing all the important things that you need to know about such as:


  • What will happen to your debts?
  • What about your home? How can you stop it from being foreclosed?
  • What about you’re other assets such as your car? Will they be protected?
  • How can you stop the incessant calls of your creditors?
  • What will happen to your credit cards and bank accounts?
  • Will you lose everything?
  • What debts are exempted?
  • What will happen after this?
  • What about your loans?
  • What if you can’t afford to pay for everything?
  • What do you need to do to reduce as much damage as possible?
  • Will you go to jail?

Make sure you know all the answers to these questions. Don’t hesitate to ask everything, even if it sounds ridiculous to you. Your lawyer should be able to explain everything and should be able to protect you from possible incarceration as well.

Being aware of these things even before you file for bankruptcy is crucial for the success and ease of the upcoming difficult ordeal that you’re about to face. Remember, this is all about starting fresh, without debts and creditors that are harassing you. Just make sure that you don’t make the same mistakes and always live within your means and you’ll be all right.

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