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I took a phone call today from a married couple who filed a Chapter 13 bankruptcy on their own. They did NOT use an attorney. This is called filing “Pro Se.” They were calling my office because they have a hearing tomorrow and the Trustee wants to dismiss their case. I have no doubt in my mind that the Judge will dismiss their case tomorrow.

All bankruptcies are electronic and the case information is available on-line (See PACER) with a subscription. While I was on the phone with them, I reviewed their file on-line and determined that I could not help them. Why couldn’t I help them? Their case had reached a point where NOTHING I could for them TODAY could save their case TOMORROW.

Much like what happens when you let an open wound fester for too long, these Debtors had let their bankruptcy case languish for too long. They had not done what the Bankruptcy Rules require, they had not done what their Judge required, and they had not done what their Trustee requires. So much had to happen today that it was impossible to save their case. And it wasn’t even a matter of us taking over their case and asking for additional time. Nope. The Judge ALREADY gave them extra time at their last hearing to hire a lawyer and fix their case. They didn’t do it.

Get Bankruptcy Help Do Not Do It Alone. Many financial experts would advise this.

Can you file bankruptcy by yourself? Yes. Can you do it alone? Yes.

Do you need a lawyer? No. Should you get bankruptcy help from a lawyer? Probably. There are many traps for the unwary written into the Bankruptcy Code. There are many rules that have to be followed and much paperwork that has to be filed. There are deadlines by which certain items have to be filed. Blow any one of these deadlines or forget to file any of the required paperwork and your case will be dismissed.

As experienced bankruptcy attorneys, we know the rules, we know the deadlines and we know the traps. There is a reason that Mike and I have taken hundreds of hours of continuing legal education classes. We do this to stay on top of the rules, the changes and all new cases.

You will get bankruptcy help from us. We can help protect you. Do not do it alone. Come and sit with us. Let us go over your case. We will be there with you. I have no doubt that you will find that the peace of mind you get from letting us handle your case will more than offset our reasonable representation costs.

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