Filing for Bankruptcy in Houston: What You Will Pay For

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Filing for Bankruptcy in Houston: What You Will Pay For

Declaration of bankruptcy in Houston, Texas is a good thing for many businesses because it protects their assets as well ensures that they will be free from debt. It is a necessity for the most part and while it can actually tarnish your reputation, it is actually a small price to pay of being able to start a new life. The main purpose of bankruptcy law is to help these individuals who have found themselves in a fragile and sensitive situation wherein they are about to lose everything that they have. This is extremely disabling and unless you want to pay for your debts forever, declaring bankruptcy looks so much prettier than not file at all.

So, you’ve finally decided to do this. Good for you! What’s next? Unfortunately, you need to spend some money first before you can wipe away your debts and successfully protect your assets. Depending on the circumstances, different rates apply and it is important that make your court battles as short as possible to minimize the payments needed, particularly for your Houston bankruptcy lawyer.

The good news is, you can prepare for it before applying. The first thing that you need to know is that all master communities of Houston have their own local courts. For instance, you live in Baytown so you would need to file for Baytown bankruptcy accordingly. All of these towns are under the Houston Bankruptcy Law, which is regulated and governed by the State Law of Texas. As for financially preparing yourself for the things that you need to pay for during the court proceedings, read this list to learn more.




More often than not, research shouldn’t cost you at all most especially when you already have all the materials and resources that are necessary for the court. If not, you may need to pay for up to thirty-five dollars to acquire a reliable source that can be used for legal purposes.


Pre-filing Credit Counseling


This is a requirement for all individuals who are filing for bankruptcy. You will need the certification to show that you have completed the course. This would cost you between fifty to ninety dollars, depending on the number of hours and whether or not you would do this over the phone.


Collating All Relevant Documents


This tedious job may sound inexpensive but you would be surprised how it can actually cost you a lot of money, particularly if you have a lot of papers to prepare. Oftentimes, you would need to collect and bind more than fifty pages of documents, with photocopied versions for both parties. You can do all these things on your own for as long as you can provide a professional looking book that binds all your paper works. If not, professional assistance is a necessity, which may cost you from 150 to a thousand dollars.


This list can completely help you determine how much money that you will need to get through with this filing. While some can be quick and inexpensive, other cases can take months or years before reaching into a proper settlement. Make sure you hire the best lawyer that can address all concerns right away, as fast as possible.