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Emergency Bankruptcy Foreclosure Fort Bend County 

Emergency bankruptcy foreclosure Fort Bend County Texas may stay or stop a foreclosure by filing an emergency bankruptcy petition if you qualify for Chapter 13 or
Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  Typically one  files Chapter 7 bankruptcy not to keep their house but to give them time to move out of the house.  You have no cure in a chapter 7
bankruptcy on your house.   In a chapter 13 bankruptcy you cure your  arrears over a period of time. that you filed a Chapter 13 bankruptcy . Both  chapters can allow you to stay in your  house, but in a chapter 13 you attempt to cure the payment your behind through a wage earner plan which is 3 to 5 years at the law firm of Busby & associates
Attorneys and Counselors at Law P.C. we have filed over 3500 bankruptcies in the last 11 years.  Your first payment will be due 30 days after your case is filed.
You have to go under a wage order to make the payments of the trustee.  You can also put unsecured debt, tax liabilities, and, certain secured it’s within the bankruptcy other secured debt.  You maybe  could put your car payment, a Conn’s account, Best Buy, or some other home appliances, for which the creditor has a security interest in the collateral.  You can pay on the personal items you maybe able to pay what the value is versus what you owe on those personal items in a chapter 13 bankruptcy.   If you’re struggling with debt, this is the best way to reorganize where you can put all your creditors into one plan.   Think of the time in energy that you will spend with each individual creditor negotiating working at deals in keeping in the count as to how much you owe them when you have to pay them.   With a chapter 13 almost everything goes to your trustee who makes disbursements on your behalf for Fort Bend County.  You will have David Peake or William Heitkamp at your trustee.   For secured creditor to get paid they must file a proof of claim. The approved claim details the contract amount owed in the basis for the debt this is due within 90 days of the of the final the bankruptcy.   After completion of all your plan payments you’re entitled to a discharge this means you no longer have a legal obligation to repay the debt.   You’re not done yet you need to take your discharge order and send it to the credit bureaus along with the schedules and update your credit score.  Then the debt is zeroed out the creditor can still report was having an account with them but this does have a positive effect on your credit score and gives you to  fresh start.

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