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Don’t Let Lemons Squeeze Your Finances


There you are, sitting in the cozy driver’s seat in your new vehicle. The car still retains that like-new smell that only seems to emanate from recently purchased vehicles. You adjust your seat, mirrors, and backrest. Finally, you are ready to head out onto the open road to see what new adventures await. You pull out the key, still shiny from the dealership. Inserting it into the ignition, a shiver of anticipation runs down your spine. There is nothing like driving a new car, you tell yourself. You turn the key and hear the engine begin to churn. The low, quiet rumble sends a slight vibration through the steering wheel where you place your hands. You clasp the knob in one hand and shift your car into reverse. However, as you begin to back out, a loud, ominous noise sounds from beneath the hood. The vibrating steering wheel begins to shake violently and smoke rises from the engine. You slam the car back into park and pop the hood. Strange smells emanate from the vehicle and your voice cries out to the sky, “My car is a lemon!”


This experience is, unfortunately, all to familiar to many drivers. Car troubles are perhaps one of the greatest sources of anxiety for adults in this modern era. When vehicle malfunction occurs on a vehicle that has been recently purchased, the stress is even greater. Cars are one of the largest expenses that most people pay throughout their lives. Many can not afford to be running to the mechanic’s shop on a frequent basis to maintain the working condition of their car or truck, especially after they have just paid large sums to a dealership to purchase the vehicle. Luckily, there are many states throughout the U.S. Which have implemented laws that protect drivers of new vehicles from being swindled by dealers. These laws are commonly referred to as lemon laws. The exact stipulations of a lemon law will vary from state to state, but the general idea is the same. When a customer experiences mechanical failure within the first year of purchase, they are entitled to due compensation or to vehicle repair with no charge to themselves. This means that customers need not pay the price for a low quality vehicle that has been sold to them under false pretenses. In order to access the benefits that are outlined by this legislation, one need only contact a lemon lawyer who has experience dealing with such matters.


Lemon Lawyers


Attorneys who help their clients to receive the compensation they are entitled when a lemon has been purchased are commonly known as lemon lawyers. These legal professionals have both the expertise and experience to provide their clients with services that will save them both time and money. The legal representatives of law firms specializing in such matters know the ins and outs of lemon law and how to best go about servicing the needs of their clients. The best part is that many of these attorneys do not charge their clients one penny out of pocket to conduct the proper proceedings. This means that you can receive the maximum compensation for your situation and not pay a dime for it. With this in mind, there is no reason why you should have to put up with your lemon’s mechanical problems. Call a lemon lawyer today to find out more information on what you can do.


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