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Credit Card Lawsuit Houston Texas

Served with a credit card lawsuit Houston Texas and wondering what to do?  Your options should be reviewed carefully.  You can fight the lawsuit based on procedural issues or perhaps you are not the person who charged on the credit card.  You may sue the party that is suing you based on various claims.  For instance, the debt would be time barred.  The statue of limitations in Texas for breach of contract is four years.  Various events could toll the statute.  You could also negotiate the lawsuit.  Sometimes the creditor will take a settlement and the case will be dismissed.  You may want to consider filing for bankruptcy, if you qualify.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dealing with Credit Card Lawsuit Houston Texas is our job.  We research the Justice, County, and District courts every week looking for lawsuits that our firm can be of service.  Many times the defendant has never heard of this plaintiff suing.  If they are a debt buyer than the original creditor has assigned the contract or “sold it” to someone else.  This is a profit making business as the original creditor has written off the bad debt and also received some money from the purchaser.  While the purchaser gambles that in the portfolio of debt purchased, a percentage of the debts will pay or result in defendants who have assets that can be sold to satisfy the judgment.

What Happens if I fail to answer?

You will be defaulted and any counterclaims or defenses will be waived.  Your options then will be to pay the judgment or file bankruptcy.  Our law firm has filed over 3,000 bankruptcies in the last 12 years.  The affect on your credit is well known to us.  How to repair your credit after the bankruptcy is a service we assist you in making the corrections to your credit report once you get a discharge. Eric South is a bankruptcy attorney in Houston, Texas that is here to advise and protect your interests.  Our toll-free telephone number is at 1-866-912-9832. You need to learn about all of your options including information about credit, debt, bill consolidation services and federal bankruptcy law.  Please call us at 1-866-912-9832 so that we can discuss your case. You can also visit our web site: Our attorney fees are reasonable, competitive, and court- approved.   It is important that you call us soon. Our office is conveniently located near the Galleria and Highway 59 on Hillcroft between Richmond and Westheimer. Call us toll-free at 1-866-912-9832 for directions to our office.

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