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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy MEETING OF CREDITORS 

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Meeting of Creditors in Houston, Texas

The Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Meeting of creditors under section 341 of the bankruptcy code must occur within 45 days of the file date of the petition.  This meeting of creditors is held at 515 Rusk on the 3rd floor of the Federal Courts Building in Houston, Texas. It is very important that the following information is followed by the Debtor.  As a debtor you need to clear all your doubts by asking questions to your attorney, it is always a good idea to write down any questions before meeting with the attorney since people tend to forget what to ask at the time of meeting.  All the information that is required by your attorney is very important, your attorney will explain why and what you need to provide to them. This is also called the section 341 meeting of creditors for chapter 13 bankruptcy.

The following documents need to be provided to your attorney in a timely manner so it can be provided to your trustee:  TAX RETURN FOR THE LAST TWO YEARS, BANK STATEMENTS FOR THE LAST 6 MONTHS, HAVE ANSWERED AND SIGNED THE QUESTIONNAIRE, AND DOMESTIC SUPPORT OBLIGATIONS (if applicable).  This information is important for your case and your trustee to have it on a timely manner since it will be reviewed by them.  All of this documents you will be providing before filing your case except the questionnaire since it needs to be answered and signed after filing your case.

You will be receiving information from the court and in between all this information the Scheduled 341 meeting of creditors, it will let you know when, where, and what time it will take place.  You will also receive a letter from us to let you know of the 341 creditors meeting.   About 2 days before your 341 meeting of creditors your legal assistant will contact you to remind you that you need to assist this important meeting.  She will also let you know that you will need to be there about 15 minutes later and take social security card as well as identification card.

Indeed is very important for your assistance to the 341 meeting of creditors that will take place at 515 Rusk Ave, Suite 3401, Houston, TX 77002.   All of this information is essential to your case so keep in mind that your attorney needs to be able to contact you whenever he needs any additional information from you.

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