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Working as Court Administrative Secretary An administrative secretary is a person, whose work consists of sustaining administration, including using a variety of project management, executives, organizational skills, or communication. These functions may be completely carried out to support one other worker or may be for the advantage of more than one. In different situations a secretary is an administrator of an organization o
 Overview of the Austin County Courthouse   The Austin County Courthouse is a constitutional county court that was established in Austin County, as stated by the Texas Constitution where each of the 254 counties of the State shall have a county court, which is presided by the county judge. In general, the constitutional county courts have the following jurisdictions: • Original jurisdiction over civil cases with
About the district court coordinator The court coordinator is responsible for managing court operations in several aspects, including internal and external interactions with various stakeholders, as well as assistance to the judiciary in making decisions except judicial decisions as pertained by law to be made by the judge. With this position, it is expected for a court coordinator to abide by the Code of Judicial Conduct while c
It's True. Bankruptcy is better than doing nothing when it comes to new credit There is a misconception that trying to pay your bills and avoiding bankruptcy is the best way to go. For many people, there is a personal or societal stigma attached to filing for bankruptcy. However, avoiding bankruptcy and struggling to pay your bills is not the best way to go when it comes to accessing new credit. This Fox Business article about
Effort of District Judge Steve Smith in 361st District Court publicized his purposes to run for re-election to the seat. Before residing from the district court, Smith served as Law No. 1 judge from 1995 to 1998, and before he was a municipal judge and a private lawyer. Steve Smith, a father of two children, is a representative of the Texas Center for the judges and serves on the staff council for the Judicial College.
Primary Duties of Court Coordinator The main duties of Court Coordinator are to manage, coordinate, direct, supervise, and arrangement the activities of all courts and to support the magistrates in making confident decisions apart from those legal decisions required by rule to be ended by jury. Court Coordinator  Lisa Parker Phone: (979) 361-4219 Fax: 979.361.4517 &
ADMINISTRATIVE SECRETARY 85TH JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT OF TEXAS BRAZOS COUNTY About the district administrative secretary The administrative secretary performs various secretarial and administrative duties, within and around the court and its different offices, while working independently and as a team member with various court personnel and officers. The Texas courts require administrative secretaries to complete ce
Overview of the IV-D Court The IV-D Court, also known as child support court, functions primarily for child support cases. This was established by the Texas Legislature in response to the special requirement by the federal government to further expedite the judicial and administrative processes in resolving cases related to child support. Such cases are presided by the AUSTIN COUNTY IV-D COURT AND THE ASSOCIATE JUDGE Title IV-D Associat
So far, you have not responded to our offer of a free consultation. And I think I might know why… If you’re considering filing bankruptcy on your own, you should consider: You do not need an attorney to file for bankruptcy Truth: Technically, this is true. However, there are many detailed articles about how the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 made it almost impossible for an ordinary person, wi
It’s All Business: Avoiding Emotions during Bankruptcy So, you’ve been bankrupt and you’re feeling depressed. You’re thinking that it’s the end of the world for you, that you’re doomed. Your reputation is tarnished and everyone’s talking about how you’ve managed to ruin your business. If you’re thinking all these things, then you should stop right now because feeling sorry for yourself won’t help at all. Ok
Worthwhile Alternatives To Bankruptcy Due to recent financial climates around the world, millions of consumers are feeling the pressure of financial hardships. Due to lack of work and lack of savings several consumers had to live for years on credit cards racking debt up to the ceiling. Now, these consumers have a new job, but there's still a major problem. Even though they have a job, they have a mountain of debt haunting them making i
How To Tell Your Husband Or Wife It's Time To File For Bankruptcy Family finances can be tough. As a matter of fact, financial struggles and arguments still top the charts as one of the biggest reasons for divorce in this country. If you and your family are struggling financially, the last thing you want is for your financial struggles to be the cause of your divorce. That being said, when you finally think that it's time to go b
Don't Let Lemons Squeeze Your Finances   There you are, sitting in the cozy driver's seat in your new vehicle. The car still retains that like-new smell that only seems to emanate from recently purchased vehicles. You adjust your seat, mirrors, and backrest. Finally, you are ready to head out onto the open road to see what new adventures await. You pull out the key, still shiny from the dealership. Insertin
Why have you not called   Unless you’ve already hired another firm, we just can’t imagine why you haven’t called? Our best guess is that you’re hoping for another way out…something easier…less painful. So we have to tell you that in our experience most clients agree that bankruptcy really IS the easier and less painful option. Seeking help was the first step in relieving their feelings of fear and hopelessness.
Spending a frugal Valentine’s Day without being called a cheapskate   It’s February and it’s needless to say that the most romantic day of the year is drawing near. If you’re low on cash and can’t imagine any creative ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day without blowing a hole in your wallet, you need not fret! There are lots of inexpensive ways to have a romantic date with the person you love. Fancy flowers, exp
4 Personal Finance Tips – How to Avoid Going Bankrupt Bankruptcy is sometimes an inevitable ‘fate’ for individuals and companies. You might go bankrupt after an unexpected turn of events which may be a sudden loss of income, an accident causing an irreplaceable damage barring you from working any further, a natural calamity destroying your livelihood, a drop in the value of shares for your company and stock market crash and
How to Afford Everything You've Always Wanted At some point, everyone has wished that they were independently wealthy. Contestants on reality TV are always winning inordinate amounts of prize money. Celebrities are constantly buying more expensive clothing and real estate and taking luxurious vacations. Keeping up with Jones’ seems to get tougher every year. But there are ways to afford anything and everything you’ve always wante
You should go to credit counseling first You may be feeling hopeless and alone right now. You’re probably wishing you had a friend you could talk to without feeling embarrassed…someone to advise you about what to do. Unfortunately, some friends don’t give the best advice. In fact, someone has probably already suggested that you try credit counseling instead of bankruptcy. If that someone is a credit card company, you are not ta
You cannot file bankruptcy more than once If you’ve filed bankruptcy before and you’re finding yourself in that same position again, don’t despair. Bankruptcy often happens more than once because the main causes of bankruptcy—divorce, health bills and job loss—happen over and over again, too. Take a look at these statistics: More than 50% of marriages end in divorce Unemployment has doubled Over 15 million people have lo
Your first visit with our office Congratulations on taking the first step to alleviating the stress and pressure in your life by setting up a consultation with us. You are exercising a right that many in your situation have exercised before. We look forward to seeing you soon and starting to help your situation. If it's been some time since you contacted our office. If you haven’t hired another firm, your creditors are probably sti