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What Does The Term Financial Hardship Mean?   Throughout recent years, we have seen one of the worst worldwide financial recession’s mankind has ever lived through. Hundreds of thousands of people lost their jobs, several lost everything they owned. Now that the recession is over, many people are finally making it back onto their feet. As they try to get financially stable again, many people realize the mountain of debt
Houston Bankruptcy Law: Helpful Tips in Filing Bankruptcy Officially declaring that you or your company is bankrupt isn’t really so bad. It may look like it but if you view it from a different perspective, it is actually an effective way to protect your assets and to clear most of your pending debts. All Houston bankruptcy lawyers would agree to this notion, most particularly if you’re living in one of the amazing comm
Houston Bankruptcy Law: Types of Bankruptcy   Being bankrupt is a hard thing to accept and many people are having a difficult time in dealing with this kind of problem. The smarter ones choose to file for bankruptcy, which is a way for them to start a new life. Whether you’re from Morgan’s Point and would need to declare Morgan’s Point bankruptcy, it is essential that you know your options so you can discuss
Bankruptcy Myths That May Change Your Mind About This Option  When it comes to any stringent or important process in life, you will always find myths about that process. Unfortunately, widespread misunderstandings of some processes stop consumers from making the right decisions in many cases. This is never more true than in the case of bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is a very serious matter. It's a process that can provide seriou
Overview of the district court The 155th Judicial District Court of Texas was established to be the primary state trial court of general jurisdiction, serving the counties of Austin, Fayette and Waller. The Legislature determines the geographical area of each district court based on population size, given that each of the 254 counties in Texas must be served by at least one district court. Aside from district courts like the 155t
 Overview of the 85th District Court The 85th Judicial District Court of Texas is one of the three district courts of Brazos County, which serves as a trial court of general jurisdiction. It was the first district court established in Brazos County in the year 1917, and was followed by the 272nd District court in 1979 and the 361st District Court in 1985. Wherein at least one district court must serve each of the 254 coun
Houston Bankruptcy: 4 Steps to Build a New Life   Life after bankruptcy can be very difficult and this is quite normal. After all, you really can’t expect that everyone would approve all your financial requests right after you’ve declared to the whole world that you have gone bankrupt. It is a harsh reality that you need to live and deal with so you need to be strong. This will only happen in the beginning and with th
Houston Bankruptcy: Making the Right Decisions Whether you’re applying for West University Place bankruptcy or Houston bankruptcy, it is crucial that you at least know what you’re getting into first so that you can make the right choices with your lawyer at all times. Going through this ordeal can be very difficult and sometimes, your emotions can get the best of you so you need to be very careful because you re
Lawsuits in Brazos County Courthouse A judge of US district court is publicly titled a “District Judge”. The central judges, including Supreme Court Justices and judges, can also take a seat in a district court upon assignment via chief judge of the circuit. The judges in all district courts are set by assembly in the US Code. The President appoints the central judges for terms of excellent performance, thus the nomine
Overview of the County Clerk Office The Office of the County Clerk in Austin County functions as the official reporting body of the county court and commissioners court of Austin County. It is also serves as the the legitimate issuer and keeper of various public records and vital statistics relevant in the county. Below are some of the various types of records handled in the OFFICE OF THE COUNTY CLERK AUSTIN COUNTY : • Co
Overview of the court at law office The Austin County Court at Law was founded on January 1, 1986, as part of a provision by the Legislature to create county courts at law as a statutory county court for larger counties. Each of the 254 counties in Texas has a single constitutional county court, as provided by the Texas Constitution, and Austin County in the city of Bellville is one of the larger counties in that State. The count
Working as Court Administrative Secretary An administrative secretary is a person, whose work consists of sustaining administration, including using a variety of project management, executives, organizational skills, or communication. These functions may be completely carried out to support one other worker or may be for the advantage of more than one. In different situations a secretary is an administrator of an organization o
 Overview of the Austin County Courthouse   The Austin County Courthouse is a constitutional county court that was established in Austin County, as stated by the Texas Constitution where each of the 254 counties of the State shall have a county court, which is presided by the county judge. In general, the constitutional county courts have the following jurisdictions: • Original jurisdiction over civil cases with
About the district court coordinator The court coordinator is responsible for managing court operations in several aspects, including internal and external interactions with various stakeholders, as well as assistance to the judiciary in making decisions except judicial decisions as pertained by law to be made by the judge. With this position, it is expected for a court coordinator to abide by the Code of Judicial Conduct while c
It's True. Bankruptcy is better than doing nothing when it comes to new credit There is a misconception that trying to pay your bills and avoiding bankruptcy is the best way to go. For many people, there is a personal or societal stigma attached to filing for bankruptcy. However, avoiding bankruptcy and struggling to pay your bills is not the best way to go when it comes to accessing new credit. This Fox Business article about
Effort of District Judge Steve Smith in 361st District Court publicized his purposes to run for re-election to the seat. Before residing from the district court, Smith served as Law No. 1 judge from 1995 to 1998, and before he was a municipal judge and a private lawyer. Steve Smith, a father of two children, is a representative of the Texas Center for the judges and serves on the staff council for the Judicial College.
Primary Duties of Court Coordinator The main duties of Court Coordinator are to manage, coordinate, direct, supervise, and arrangement the activities of all courts and to support the magistrates in making confident decisions apart from those legal decisions required by rule to be ended by jury. Court Coordinator  Lisa Parker Phone: (979) 361-4219 Fax: 979.361.4517 &
ADMINISTRATIVE SECRETARY 85TH JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT OF TEXAS BRAZOS COUNTY About the district administrative secretary The administrative secretary performs various secretarial and administrative duties, within and around the court and its different offices, while working independently and as a team member with various court personnel and officers. The Texas courts require administrative secretaries to complete ce
Overview of the IV-D Court The IV-D Court, also known as child support court, functions primarily for child support cases. This was established by the Texas Legislature in response to the special requirement by the federal government to further expedite the judicial and administrative processes in resolving cases related to child support. Such cases are presided by the AUSTIN COUNTY IV-D COURT AND THE ASSOCIATE JUDGE Title IV-D Associat
So far, you have not responded to our offer of a free consultation. And I think I might know why… If you’re considering filing bankruptcy on your own, you should consider: You do not need an attorney to file for bankruptcy Truth: Technically, this is true. However, there are many detailed articles about how the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 made it almost impossible for an ordinary person, wi